Cash Inferno Slots

Cash-InfernoCash Inferno appears to be an Amaya slot that’s themed around fires and firemen’s dogs. Though the objects found in the game are mostly fireman related, the other half of the symbol collection is occupied by different types of Dalmatian dogs. One of the cutest dog breeds you will ever meet, the Dalmatian’s success has in great part been helped by the movie 101 Dalmatians, which you probably saw yourself as a child.

A 5 reel title, Cash Inferno has a limited number of paylines, only 9 of them available inside. Its prizes can give you a good reason to try it out, as it has $62,500 to offer, but its list of features is rather limited and giving you only the scatter symbol and the wild to make it more exciting.

Features of Cash Inferno

This is one of those slots that seem to put more emphasis on the game, than on the features that it contains. It doesn’t have that many of these, and they don’t have any huge bonuses to offer you, so they’re not impressive when they do show up.

Sparky, the Dalmatian, is the wild symbol in this case. It will substitute for other Dalmatian symbols, in order to create sets of identical symbols. It will not act as a substitute for other symbols unfortunately, so its uses are limited. One thing that saves it a bit is that you get prizes for 1 to 5 wilds present, the payouts varying from 2x to 2,500x.


Bonus Round

The one thing that saves the slot’s reputation somewhat is the bonus round, which requires the presence of 3 to 5 matching bonus hats on the screen. There are three types of bonus hats here, and it’s not enough to just mix three of different types. The three types of hats belong to firemen, policemen and rescue workers. The more matching hats appear on the reels, the better the multiplier applied to the bonus round winnings. It’s 1x if there are only 3 hats, 2x for 4 hats and 3x for 5 hats.

On the next screen, you have to click on various windows of a building, with fire visible behind them. Each one will get you a bonus multiplier, or it will show you the Finish message and that will end the bonus game. Multipliers offered here are either 1x, 2x or 5x.


Betting options and jackpots

This 9 payline game gives you the option to use up to 5 coins for each one, taking the bet up to 45 coins. Just like you can change the number of coins used, you can also modify the coin denomination ($0.01 to $5). If it’s set to its highest value, the maximum bet can reach $225.

The 2,500x multiple offered by a combination with five wilds will mean up to 12,500 coins for the player that gets it. The maximum bet will take their value to $62,500, which is an impressive prize for a game like this, making up for the lack of great features.


Design and symbols

This is one of the weaker designs available at Amaya, mainly because of the Dalmatian dogs and how they are drawn. The drawing style resembles those from children’s books, with the firemen related symbols looking better. It’s a slot that could use an upgrade for its graphics.

Symbols: Sparky (wild, 2,500x), Running Dalmatian (1,000x), Sitting Dalmatian (500x), Fire Extinguisher (250x), Match (200x), Fire Hydrant (150x), Water Hose (100x), Fire truck’s siren (50x), Bonus Hats (scatters).


Is It Worth Playing?

Cash Inferno has some pros which make it a decent choice, but with so many other slot machines out there that look better, have more features and offer comparable payouts, it’s difficult to recommend it over them.

Cash Inferno can be found at any Amaya casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.