Around the World Slots

Around-the-WorldAround The World gives you a view of some of the planet’s most famous landmarks. It’s literally a slot about a trip around the world, a design that comes from Cryptologic and which shows you some of the things you would see if you would travel to countries like Paris, United States, Egypt, Australia, Great Britain or China. It’s an interesting game, especially design wise, where it might not win any prizes, but it manages to be a pleasant surprise for us. An old airplane, the kind you would see in the 30s and 40s, is mentioned as well, presumably as the vehicle that is used to travel around the world.

You get 20 paylines on the 5 reels of Around the World, a game that has impressive payouts of up to $150,000. The features will not impress as much, with the bonus game, a scatter and a wild forming a decent offering, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Features of Around the World

As I’ve mentioned already, the game does have a couple of features, but none of them are amazing or different. They consist in a bonus game and the scatter symbol that triggers it, plus a wild.

The Airplane is the most important symbol and feature that Around the World has to offer. It’s already a great addition to the game since as a wild it substitutes for other symbols and new combinations can be formed this way, but when you add the fact that it can also award a huge top jackpot, I’m sure you will be as much of a fan as I am of this symbol. Getting five Airplanes on a payline means a payout worth 30,000x the line wager.

Bonus Game

The Globe is the one you have to watch out for if you’re interested in the bonus game. All you need is for three scattered Globes to appear in the game, and that will be enough. You control your balloon with the help of your mouse, making it move either down or up, as needed. You have to collect the various prize chests that are hanging from balloons themselves, while trying to avoid vultures that will attempt to take you off course.

Getting only two Globes might not trigger the bonus game, but will offer you a prize that is the equivalent of the bet you’ve made. You need to have all 20 lines selected for that to happen though.


Betting options and jackpots

Using a single coin per active line, the game allows you to select 1 to 20 lines, with the denomination being $0.01 to $5. You can end up with a $100 bet per round this way, which is not that much when you look at the kind of payout you can expect.

Speaking of the payout, the wild is the one responsible for the biggest prize being awarded. It gives you 30,000 times the amount invested per line, which means up to $150,000 cash.

Design and symbols

Around the World has a bit of a retro design, but it works out very well with the travel theme. Using an abstract image with clouds and views of monuments in the background, the reels are made to look like camera film, with individual symbols looking like photographs. The drawing style is a bit abstract, but you don’t have any problem figuring out what they’re supposed to mean.

Symbols: Airplane (wild, 30,000x), Globe (scatter), Eiffel Tower (10,000x), Pagoda (5,000x), Luggage (1,000x), Statue of Liberty (1,000x), Mount Rushmore (250x), Big Ben (250x), Sidney Opera (150x), Passport (50x) and Pyramids (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Around the World is an impressive game, and not just because it has a big prize. It has a retro design that works out very well in this case, and it’s a pleasure to play on it. The bonus round is fun also, giving you the opportunity of playing an actual bonus game inside, not just clicking on some treasure chest like other slots do.

The Around the World slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.