Lucky Lady Slots

Lucky-LadyLucky Lady seems to be a World War 2 themed slot, Cryptologic being the developer that released it. The Lucky Lady that the title mentions is a 50’s style model that is painted on the side of a bomber, and a big part of the game is actually war related. The connection between the model painted on the plane and the woman that inspired it is seen in one of the symbols, a love letter with red lipstick marks on it. The Army theme is quite evident inside, with olive green used both in symbols and background images.

A 5 reel and 9 payline slot from Cryptologic, Lucky Lady provides the player with average payouts and features, the former meaning $5,000, the latter being comprised of scatters and a wild symbol, with a bonus game as a reward.

Features of Lucky Lady

You don’t get a lot from this slot, not when it comes to features anyway. The usual two feature symbols are present, but the only thing they can trigger is a bonus game.

Lucky Lady, a blonde woman dressed in red but wearing an officer’s cap, gets to appear on only three reels, out of the five that are available. This wild symbol has the capability to substitute for any other symbol in the game, as long as they don’t have the Plane image on them. Besides being limited to only three reels, it doesn’t even have some kind of feature it can trigger, or payouts of its own.

The Insignia symbol is a scatter whose only role is to trigger cash prizes, starting at 1x for two scatters, then going to 5x for three, 20x for four and 100x the bet for five scatters.

Bonus Round

The bonus game gets its own symbol to trigger it, the second scatter of the slot. With a Plane on it, this scatter doesn’t have prizes to offer, so it is only useful when it can appear starting from the left, in scattered positions, and with 3+ symbols. If that happens, you are rewarded with 1 to 3 bonus rounds.

The bonus rounds each have five Planes on the screen and you make picks and get up to 100x the bet in each case.


Betting options and jackpots

There are only 9 lines available in Lucky Lady, which would be below average for a 5 reel game. Since each one gets a single coin, and not more, the betting options have more to do with the denomination than with the paylines. You do have the option to reduce the number of lines, but it would be a better idea to use the $0.10 to $5 range of the coin to modify the bet value. The maximum bet is worth $45.

The base game has as its best paying combo the Gauge symbol, offering 1,000 coins. It can turn into a $5,000 cash prize. A better alternative, but more difficult to trigger, is to rely on the bonus game prizes, where each pick can get you up to $4,500 (100x the bet). The chances of you getting multiple picks at maximum value are very low though.

Design and symbols

Despite being based on events that took place more than 70 years ago, the slot is attractive. It has an army theme that relies heavily on the olive green of the camouflage uniform, with World War 2 bombers part of it, with beautiful women painted on the side, with bombs part of the symbols and with the background image being taken from the inside of the bomber.

Symbols: Blonde Lady (wild), Insignia (scatter, 100x the bet), Plane (scatter bonus), Gauge (1,000x), Bomb (750x), Hat (600x), Letter (600x), Ace (300x), King (300x), Queen (200x), Jack (200x), 10 (150x) and 9 (150x).


Is It Worth Playing?

For a small taste of the glamorous part of World War 2, the cool part that many enjoy to study and learn about, give Lucky Lady a chance. Airplanes and beautiful ladies tend to make a subject like this a lot more appealing than it would be in real life.

Lucky Lady can be found at any Cryptologic casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.