Monkey Mania Slots

Monkey-ManiaMonkey Mania is a slot from Cryptologic that has a Romeo and Juliette like story as the backdrop, with two monkeys being the main characters and the ones that are in love. Taking place in a beautiful garden, with Romeo sitting beneath Juliette’s balcony, the game is a good fit in theory, but the actual design looks fairly old and not that inviting. The cute monkeys and their love story might still manage to keep you playing though, especially if you don’t have a problem with cheesy graphics (all the playing cards have pink heart shaped backgrounds).

With 5 reels & 20 bet lines, Monkey Mania is considered a modern slot, even though it’s only average if you take a look at its features and graphics. As much as $25,000 can be won by playing it, plus you can encounter scatters and wild symbols, not to mention its bonus game.

Features of Monkey Mania

There are only three things that are out of the ordinary in Monkey Mania. The wild and the scatter symbols would be two of them, while the slot’s bonus feature is the third.

Monkey is the symbol with the Romeo like character. These are not regular monkeys though, they are all dressed up with human clothes and act as we do. The Monkey symbol shows us a monkey with a red rose in his teeth, and its role is that of a wild. As you might know already, the wild is capable of substituting for other symbols and that should be a power that will seriously improve your profitability while playing this slot machine. The wild is also capable of creating its own combinations, so if you happen to get multiple Monkeys on an active line, you can expect some very good payouts from them. Up to 5,000 coins are awarded this way, which would be the slot’s top jackpot.

The Red Heart is the scatter, also a good symbol to have around. There are two reasons in this case why you would want to get multiple Hearts during the same round. If you have at least two Hearts, you get a prize, as a multiple of the total wager that was used that round. This prize will go up to 100x the bet value. If there are three Hearts or more, you also get a bonus round.

Bonus Round

The game’s feature gets started whenever there are three or more scattered Hearts on the screen. In it, you will find that Monkey tries to conquer Lady Monkey’s heart. He does this by performing certain tasks, and you’re the one to tell him what he should do. The options available include throwing flowers, beating his chest, reading poems, playing songs and giving her a banana.

There is a Love Meter in the bonus game that will go up if the selected task had an effect on Lady Monkey’s heart. The bigger this Love Meter gets, the better your prize.


Betting options and jackpots

Monkey Mania’s betting system asks for a maximum of $100 per spin, but like in every other game, you are free to use fewer than 20 coins and to change their value from the maximum of $5, to as little as $0.01. The number of coins comes with a similar number of active lines, so reducing this number takes down the chance of winning a prize during each round.

There are 5,000 coins in Monkey Mania that you can go after. With a $0.01 coin, you can expect $50 out of the game, but take the coin denomination to $5, and you can get $25,000 instead.

Design and symbols

The action in Monkey Mania takes place in the Lady Monkey’s garden, with the garden wall visible behind the bushes of roses, not quite tall enough to prevent our hero from going over it. The romantic theme is mostly visible in the symbols that were used and the pink betting options from the bottom of the screen. The background image is a lot more restrained, and prevents this game from becoming totally obnoxious.

Symbols: Monkey (wild, 5,000x), Heart (scatter, 100x the triggering wager), Banana (1,500x), Love Letter (500x), Accordion (250x), Chocolate Box (250x), Ace or King (150x), Queen or Jack (125x) and 10 or 9 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You will find this an appealing game, with cute characters and an idea that will at least make it a favorite in February, during Valentines Day. Its graphics don’t quite measure up otherwise, as is the case with the features or the top payouts.

You will find Monkey Mania at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.