Monkeys To Mars Slots

Monkeys-To-MarsMonkey to Mars gives you a Cryptologic science fiction themed slot machine. Inside, the main characters are a pair of monkey astronauts. The conclusion is that either Earth is populated by monkeys in some parallel universe, or we’ve sent animals to the Red Planet because it was too dangerous for us. Either way, these two heroic monkeys reach the planet, and they seem to find alien organisms on it, dangerous looking creatures that you wouldn’t want anywhere close to our planet.

There are the usual 5 reels in Monkeys to Mars and they have a total of 25 bet lines on them. A $40,000 jackpot provides you with your first reason to play this game, while the scatter and the wild symbols try their best to be your second.

Features of Monkeys To Mars

A bonus game is available inside, along with the usual combination of scatter and wild symbols. It’s not a lot, but thanks to the theme and the pretty graphics, chances are that you will have a good time.

None of the two feature symbols has prizes to offer you directly, which is unfortunate. Another limitation of theirs is the fact that the wild can’t substitute for the top jackpot symbol, so there is an even smaller chance of getting that big prize.

Speaking of the wild, its image is the one with the Launch button (it’s big and red, so you can’t miss it). The wild symbol is capable of substituting for all symbols, with the exception of the scatter and the jackpot icons. You don’t get multipliers from it, no prizes of its own and it doesn’t have any extra power.

As for the scatter, it also doesn’t have any kind of cash prize, but it does the other half of the job that this symbol usually has. It triggers the bonus round, as long as three symbols with Aliens on them are scattered on the screen. There are only three reels where the Aliens are allowed to appear, the ones from the middle (2 to 4).

Asteroid Bonus Feature

With 3 Aliens scattered on the screen, the Asteroid bonus round starts up. You have to choose five weapons, they will fire and you collect the prizes. You can’t retrigger this feature.

Rocket Re-Spin Feature

This is a feature that you can’t trigger directly. You get it at random, and it is going to be used on the reels 2, 3 and 4. During this feature, the purple crystals that are found on those reels become wild Launch buttons (wilds). Up to three reels re-spin then, for an extra chance to win a prize.


Betting options and jackpots

The full betting range of the slot is $0.01 to $500, with 25 lines each receiving $20 coins when it comes to its highest setting. As it usually happens, you’re not obligated to select all the paylines, which would reduce the number of used coins, but it’s a good idea since it maximizes the chances of a winning combo.

Though you get only 2,000 coins from the slot’s best combo of symbols, since they have such a high value, they can end up giving you $40,000 cash.

Design and symbols

It’s one of the better looking slots from Cryptologic, a game where a gorgeous image of space is visible behind the reels. Speaking of the reels, they are encased in an alien looking device, with electrical current being used as a separator between them. The game logo, all red and with the Red Planet behind it, is placed at the top. The design quality is good, both for the surrounding graphics and for the individual symbols.

Symbols: Launch Button (wild), Alien (scatter), Logo (2,000x), Monkey Astronaut (1,000x), Female Monkey Astronaut (400x), Rocket Boots (400x), Ray Gun (250x), O2 Tank (200x), Earth to Mars Trajectory (200x), Measuring Device (150x), Brown Crystals (125x) and Purple Crystals (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game might not make you rich, but it’s got good enough prizes and it can at least make you very happy for a couple of weeks. With its graphics and science fiction themed action, it can be a good choice.

Monkeys To Mars can be found at any Cryptologic casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.