Spider-Man Slots

Spider-ManSpider-Man is one of the best known superheroes from Marvel, and now a source of inspiration for the guys at Cryptologic as well. They’ve created this great slot with the official blessing from Marvel, so they were able to use a few great pictures taken directly from the comic book. Spider-Man has quite a few movies out there already, each one covering a different big adventure or fight of his, as he went against the various villains and monsters that threatened the city he lives in.

A modern slot machine, Spider-Man is designed by Cryptologic and inside it has 5 reels plus 25 bet lines. The game doesn’t skimp on the features, so you will take advantage of various wilds and scatters, plus a couple of bonus games that include free spins and multipliers, among others. The $25,000 jackpot might not sound impressive, but with a bit of help from the multiplier it could double in value. Add to that the progressive jackpot that can be won, and the game sounds better and better.

Features of Spider-Man

It has multiple bonus features, it has wilds, scatters and free spins, plus multipliers that can get you even bigger payouts than normal. Cryptologic did their best not to disappoint people with this game, as expectations tend to be quite high.

Everything feature wise in this game comes from just two symbols, one of them the Spider-Man wild, the other a Logo scatter. The first one is Spider-Man himself, shown up close as he is ready to throw a spiderweb out of his hand. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect it to give you any prizes, as it is only allowed on reels 2 and 4, without being able to form its own combinations. Still, it will substitute for the other symbols when it appears, and with both wilds present you will get a feature started.

As for the Logo, it shows us the image of a red spider, with “The Amazing Spider-Man” written on top. This feature symbol is allowed to appear everywhere, on all five reels, so you can get paid with up to five Logos when they appear during the same round. Take your wager that round, multiply it by 100, and you get the value of the biggest prize that the scatter can give you.

Spiderweb Feature

The first of the bonus games you can get here, Spiderweb requires both wild symbols present on their reels (2nd and 4th). That’s all that is needed to start up a bonus game where you get the 3rd reel filled with wilds, while all the other reels stay the same. Since you already have a wild on the 2nd and 4th reels, the 3rd reel wild pretty much guarantees you that you will get a prize. The 1st reel symbols combine with the three wilds and form combinations with at least four matching symbols in them.


Free Games Feature vs Venom Feature

The scattered Logo is the other trigger for a bonus feature, with 3+ Logos being enough to get you started. You actually have to choose one of two bonus games that are part of this feature.

The Free Games Feature gets you a 2x multiplier for all payouts won in its 15 free spins. On top of that, you get additional wilds for the 2nd and 4th reels. You can’t retrigger the free spins.

Venom Feature is your second choice, a bonus game where Spider-Man goes against the evil Venom, while trying to save Mary Jane. You are asked to guide our superhero through the streets, with the result being either a dead-end, finding a crime scene or locating Venom. If he finds Venom, the fight between the two begins. You either get a big prize by saving Mary Jane, or the fight is lost and a consolation prize is awarded instead. If he gets the crime scene, he gets a random prize once the criminals are caught. The dead-end gets you a consolation prize directly.


Betting options and jackpots

It has a betting range of $0.01 to $125, with the larger number being the wager when all 25 coins are used and they’re at their highest value, of $5 each one. $0.01 would be the smallest denomination that can be selected, plus you can use fewer coins (activate fewer paylines), if you want to reduce your exposure.

In return, Spider-Man has rewards of 5,000 coins waiting for you, plus its progressive jackpot. Its own cash reward goes up to $25,000. As for the Marvel jackpot, you win that one at random, meaning that the game doesn’t trigger it with its own combinations.

Design and symbols

With Marvel’s help, Cryptologic made out of Spider-Man a slot that you would be proud to play if you’re a fan of the comic book. You get the city in the background, while on the reels and in its bonus game you have our superhero fighting the evil Venom. The quality of the graphics is beyond reproach, with comic book drawings used for the symbols. On the other hand, they could’ve spent a bit more time in the selection of symbols, instead of going with half of them as playing cards.

Symbols: Spider-Man (wild), Logo (scatter, 100x the bet), Venom (5,000x), Mary Jane (1,000x), Camera (500x), Newspaper (500x), Ace (250x), King (250x), Queen (200x), Jack (200x), 10 (100x) and 9 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

As is often the case with games built under license from Marvel, this one is also a must-play title, especially since it has a few bonus games where you actually see Spider-Man fight a villain, and you help him do it.

Spider-Man vs Venom, The Comics

Spider-Man is a character in the comic books released by Marvel, a superhero that started out as a boy without parents, an orphan being raised by his uncle and aunt. Though still an adolescent that’s struggling and weak, he becomes a superhero by being bitten by a spider. Among his powers, you will find his ability to cling to vertical surfaces, to shoot webs out of his hands, his agility and strength. He’s also a teenager in the original comic book, something that few tried before with a superhero. The first time he appeared was in 1962, in an issue of Amazing Fantasy.

As for Venom, the villain that Spider-man fights against in this slot, he is considered a sentient alien and a symbiote, usually appearing in comic books as a villain that Spider-Man fights again. The alien is almost liquid in nature, so he bonds with a human. The new body gets its powers from the alien and the combination of human and alien calls itself Venom.

This Spider-Man slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.