Star Catcher Slots

Star-Catcher-bonusIn Star Catcher, you will find the sort of game that a fan of science fiction or astronomy will love. With space stations, planets, flying saucers and telescopes being among the images that have found their way onto the reels, Star Catcher looks a lot better than you might expect when you first hear that it’s got only 3 reels. Though this is a classic, it’s the kind of game I’d love to play more. I’m sure you will feel the same.

The Star Catcher slot is designed by Cryptologic, who made out of it a classic title that gives you access to 3 paylines that are placed on 3 reels. Being a classic slot, it’s mostly without features, though they made an exception and introduced a bonus game in it. A $2,500 top jackpot is the biggest prize you can go after, not a lot of money, but good enough considering the very low wagers involved.

Features of Star Catcher

Though generally you don’t find features in classic slots, Star Catcher tries to make things slightly more interesting, so they have a bonus star feature.

The bonus feature allows you to collect gold stars each time you form a combo with three identical symbols. As you will notice on top of the reels, you collect these stars for certain symbols. Once you get the same combo of three symbols seven times, you will have enough gold stars of the same kind to get a prize. The bonus feature offers you between 15 and 2,500 coins, depending on the symbol for which you have collected the stars. You need to use all three coins, in order to be able to win bonus points.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting options don’t have a huge range, so it’s mostly a game that you will play if you’re not a high roller. Coins start at $0.25 and they can get up to $1, and since there are 3 lines you can spend up to $3 per spin.

In exchange for that $3 wager, you can expect to win up to $500 during the regular game or up to $2,500 through the bonus game where you collect stars whenever you have winning combinations.

Design and symbols

It’s a much better design than you might expect from classic titles, which are generally done in the same retro style as the games they try to mimic. It’s not the case here, as the astronomy theme seems to be taken seriously. You will find a picture of the sky at night in the background, with the paytable or bonus area blocking a big part of it. The reels are at the bottom, but they take a very small part of the screen.

Symbols: Telescope (500x), UFO (100x), Comet (75x), Astronomy Tool (50x), Moon (30x), Space Station (15x) and Planet (10x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You will not find that many astronomy themed slots out there, and it might actually be the only one among the classics, so give it a go. Its bonus feature gives you a reason to keep spinning its reels, as does the relatively low wagers that are required by its 3 paylines.

You will find Star Catcher at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.