Cashino Slots

CashinoA game from IGT, Cashino is a casino themed slot machine, with its symbols being mostly created around various games that are part of such an establishment, with dice, roulette, jokers and cards all present on the reels. It’s a game that tries to be upbeat and fun, and it succeeds for the most part, though I find it hard to take it seriously with those cartoon style playing cards that it uses. Luckily, the game has one of the best redeeming qualities that a slot can have, a big top jackpot.

With prizes of up to $250,000, it would be no exaggeration calling a slot like Cashino impressive. It has only 20 paylines, with the usual 5 reels and a typical complement of wild symbols, free games, bonus features and scatters.

Features of Cashino

There are multiple features inside that you will enjoy trying out, the wild being the one I love most, but there are also bonus games, free spins and scatter symbols present.

The Wild Joker appears to be the most useful of the four symbols with special roles available in Cashino, as it is capable of taking the place of any of the regular symbols, meaning that when it is around you have a good chance of at least one extra combination to be formed with its help, with a payout that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. You can also expect some of the best payouts of the game from the wild, though it has to behave like any other symbol and form its own combinations for that to happen. At the maximum bet and with five Joker wilds on a line, the top payout is worth $250,000.

Roulette Wheel Bonus

The Roulette Wheel is a scatter symbol, and one of the triggers for a bonus game. Three are sufficient to get the bonus feature started, as long as they appear during the same spin, even if it’s in random positions. The bonus game that comes next gives you a spin on the wheel and the value on which it stops is the prize that you’re getting from it.


Cashino Cards Bonus

The second feature of Cashino involves playing cards, the trigger being another scatter symbol, this time with the image of four playing cards on it. Once again three will be enough to start this feature. In it, you are asked to select one of the cards, which will reveal the multiplier applied to your bet. Next, you are shown what the other cards are hiding, so you will get a chance to walk away unhappy, if you see a much bigger value than the one you’ve chosen.


Free Spins Bonus

The pair of dice is the last of the scatter symbols, and it’s also the only one that can appear only on three reels out of five. You need all three scatter symbols on the middle three reels, and when you have them, even in random positions, the free spins bonus will get started. You pick one of the symbols, and that will reveal to you the number of free spins you’re getting. In addition to the prizes from the free spins, you’re also getting a small prize, worth 2x the bet. Retriggering the free spins is a possibility, the requirement remaining the same one.


Betting options and jackpots

Both the stake you place per line, and the total number of paylines that you can play with, are customizable. You can select 1 to 20 paylines, and then choose a stake per line that is between $0.01 and $25. You will end up with a $500 bet if you select the highest value in both cases.

It’s a price worth paying if you can afford it, as the 10,000 coins available in Cashino mean up to $250,000 cash in your pocket.

Design and symbols

The design is far from being as impressive as the best prizes that Cashino has to offer. It’s a cartoon style that you can’t take seriously, not when it comes to the wild or the playing cards at least. The scatter symbols look somewhat better though. The others use an older 3D style, like you would’ve seen used a decade ago in games.

Symbols: Joker (wild, 10,000 coins), Roulette (scatter), Cards (scatter), Dice (scatter), Cashino Logo (500 coins), Ace (200 coins), King (200 coins), Queen (100 coins), Jack (100 coins) and 10 (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

Three different scatter symbols and bonus games, a huge top jackpot and a wild symbol, these are all things that recommend Cashino as a game you shouldn’t miss out on.

You will find Cashino at any online casino which chooses to use software from IGT, playable either for free or for real money.