In Bloom Slots

In-BloomIn Bloom is a very unique and beautiful slot, a design that IGT created and which I recommend you give a try. The theme here is about flowers that are blooming, so you are guaranteed a great experience and a beautiful looking game. I loved the design, I enjoyed the unique features which I haven’t seen anywhere else, and overall I think you will agree that IGT did a great job here. Keep reading to find out what you’re getting from this slot.

You get 40 bet lines in this slot machine, 5 reels being used by it to host them. You get some very interesting features as you play, like bonus games, scatters and something called Symbol Burst, but you also have to pay extra to get that last one. In exchange for the very large bets you can place in it, the game offers up to $50,000.

Features of In Bloom

The slot’s features are great, and for a lot of people they are the main reason for playing a slot. In Bloom offers you unique options, like the Symbol Burst, and then you have a couple of bonus games as well, with a scatter symbol being the trigger for it.

Symbol Burst Feature

This is the most unique feature that In Bloom has to offer. You will notice that whenever you have symbols with flowers forming combinations, they will transform into images with 1 to 5 flowers in them. Each flower counts as an extra symbol in the combo, with up to 15 symbols possible this way on a single payline. Four different types of flowers are used in the game.


The symbols with one flower appear on all the columns and count as one icon. The ones with two flowers also are present everywhere, but they count as two symbols. The three flower symbols will be available on the reels 2, 3 and 4. If a symbol is on the 3rd column, it can count as four symbols if four flowers are there. The maximum of five flowers can appear in a symbol that is on the 3rd reel.


Garden Bonus

This is a more typical type of bonus game, and it will start whenever 2 or 3 butterfly symbols are present on the reels, scattered in random locations.

You can replace a butterfly with a Globe symbol, which is also a bonus and it appears on the 3rd column. This bonus symbol can also trigger a butterfly icon to appear on the reels, but it’s not a guarantee.


If the feature starts, you are asked to pick a flower garden. It will give you a number of free spins and that particular flower will be the only high paying symbol used.


You get 5 spins from Poppy Flowers, 8 spins from Roses, 10 from Calla Lilies and 12 from Water Lilies.

Bonus Bump

At the end of the free spins, a new feature will start up, and it’s called Bonus Bump. You choose one of the items on the screen, and you get a bonus prize worth between 1 and 50x the triggering bet.


Betting options and jackpots

The slot’s 40 lines each accept one coin. You are obligated to use an additional 10 coins to start the game, and these will be used to activate the special features. You use a total of 50 coins each round, with a value of $50 since the minimum denomination is $1. The top denomination is $50, so you can bet up to $2,500.

The Symbol Burst feature is very important in this game, and it allows you to have up to 15 flowers in a combo. With 15 Poppy symbols together, you can get 1,000x the line bet, so up to $50,000.

Design and symbols

It is a gorgeous slot machine, definitely worthy of your attention. There are beautiful flowers used everywhere, among the symbols and in the background picture. Everything has a lot of details built in, the game looking like it’s taken from a story book that does its best to show off an enchanted land. Even the playing cards look great, quite well handled and fit for a magic themed slot.


Symbols: Bonus Globe (scatter, 60x the bet), Butterfly (bonus), Poppy (1,000x), Yellow Rose (500x), Calla Lilly (300x), Water Lily (200x), Ace (15x), King (15x), Queen (15x), Jack (15x), 10 (15x) and 9 (15x).

Is It Worth Playing?

I’ve enjoyed the game and its combination of a gorgeous design with features that nobody else has in quite this form. I recommend you give it a try as well.

In Bloom can be found at any IGT casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.