Transformers Slots

TransformersTransformers, the slot machine, was created by IGT with official blessing from the creators of these magnificent robots. A few movies were already released with the Transformers as heroes, and you probably know by now that the heroes are robots that can transform into various types of cars and vehicles, in order to try and pass unnoticed. Though you might think that the 2007 movie was used as inspiration, based on the cartoon style of the symbols it appears that the 1986 animation movie was actually the one that the slot mimicked.

You can win up to $50,000 in Transformers, a 5 reel game from IGT that has 25 paylines. You will discover that its wild symbols, free games, multipliers and scatters give you enough entertainment value, in case the theme choice isn’t exciting enough for you.

Features of Transformers

You will discover a range of decent features in Transformers, with bonus games, free spins and wild symbols all part of the action, and the game is much better because of them.

First of all, we have the wild symbols. There are three different ones that you can get and all of them can substitute for regular symbols. You have the Autobot Wild, the Decepticon Wild and the Cybertron Wild. They work somewhat differently though, with the first two being used as expanding symbols that give you wild reels every single time they appear.

As for the Cybertron Wild, it will do its job, and when that happens it gives you the option to pick a planet with a random multiplier, between 2x and 10x. That multiplier will be applied to the prize of the combo that it helped form.

Ultimate Payback Bonus

This is the only bonus game offered, called Ultimate Payback and involving the two leaders of the robot factions. The 1st reel is the one that needs to have Optimus Prime present on it, at the same time as the 5th reel has Megatron on it. You pick the one that will represent you, and then the battle between the two begins. During this battle, you get free spins, which keep going until either one of them wins the battle, or until you get to 100 free spins.

If you get fight scatters on the 5th reel, as the free spins are used, there are cut scenes where you see the two battle each other. Win three battles of this type, and you will get an extra prize from the feature. If you lose, the feature ends.


Betting options and jackpots

Each of the five coins that you can use for one payline goes from $0.01 to $1 in value, so the line wager will reach $5. With 25 lines in the game, you can wager $125, and if you want to maximize the bet that’s the amount you have to go with.

The jackpot can give you up to 10,000x, or $50,000. The rest of the payouts available inside are at 10% or less from the jackpot’s value.

Design and symbols

Since the game seems to be themed around the old Transformers animation movie, the graphics look a bit old, but in this case it’s quite pleasant to look at. A huge robot sits behind the reels, while on them you get all sorts of cool robots and futuristic playing cards.

Symbols: Cybertron (wild), Autobot (wild), Decepticon (wild), Transformers Logo (10,000x), Optimus Prime & Megatron (bonus), Bumblebee (1,000x), Jaz (750x), Starstreaker (500x), Soundwave (500x), Ace (200x), King (150x), Queen (150x), Jack (100x) and 10 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The Transformers series has a lot of fans out there, so I have no doubt that they will enjoy it. With three types of wilds, with big payouts and bonus games, there are a lot of reasons to play this game.

Transformers, The Movies

While you might think that the basis for this film was a comic book, it was actually inspired by the toys with the same name, the Transformers. In the movie, you have a chance to witness the war between the good robots (Autobots) and the bad ones (Decepticons). Their fight comes to Earth, and that’s what you see in the movie, the typical fight between good and evil.

The movie was released in 2007 and since then it grossed around $710 million all over the world. Four other movies were launched in the series in the years to come, with the latest titles bringing $1 billion each.

The Transformers slot machine is offered through the IGT platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.