Celtic Crown Slots

Celtic-CrownCeltic Crown looks like an Irish themed slot machine, with a lot of green built into the design, but with the focus being on the king and queen of the Celts, rather than on the usual leprechaun and pot of gold that these games will be inspired by. It’s a Microgaming slot machine, with a look that seems to be taken from a romantic Medieval Age, with highly stylized playing cards, with kings and queens, with jewelry, beautiful weapons and flowers, all of these being among the symbols offered.

On 5 reels, Celtic Crown has a total of 25 paylines. In this game, Microgaming has placed some great features, especially the bonus game and the free spins with their multipliers, but the scatters and the wilds aren’t bad either. The top prize advertised on the paytable is worth $50,000.

Features of Celtic Crown

The wild symbol is offered, and it’s the one that can trigger the bonus game, while the scatter symbol is the one to give you free spins and 2x multipliers.

First, we have the Princess wild, a symbol that the game only allows on the middle three reels. Since it’s reserved only for these reels, it can’t form combinations of five symbols and it’s not the one to give you the top jackpot. It is going to activate the bonus game, but more on that below.

Next, we have the Harp, a symbol which shows you a beautiful golden music instrument. This is the slot’s scatter symbol, whose both capable of awarding payouts and triggering free games. First of all, you get the prizes, as multiples of the total wager of the round. Multiply the amount you wagered that round, on all the lines, by 2x to 100x, and you have the amount you can win with two to five Harp scatters on the reels.

Free Games Feature

In addition to prizes, the scattered Harps can also give you free spins, 3+ symbols being needed for that to happen. These symbols will each reveal a random number of free spins, and when you add up all those numbers you get the total number of rounds that you don’t have to pay for.


The wins obtained during the free games are worth double the usual amount. You can also re-trigger free spins, once again the exact number being determined by the random figures shown on the symbols.

Princess Bonus Game

The wild Princess symbol, when present on all three reels where it is allowed (2, 3 and 4), will trigger a bonus game. The game shows you the king and the princess in the throne room, with six knights kneeling in front of them. You pick Knights and you get random prizes from each one. You can choose three of the six Knights that are shown.


Betting options and jackpots

To start with, let’s see what the coins can be worth. Their minimum denomination is at $0.01, while the maximum is $0.25. You get to use up to 20 of them on a single line, so $5 is the largest line bet, while the total can reach $125.

Since the game mentions a 10,000x jackpot, and you can use 20 coins per line, a maximum of 200,000 coins can be won. With the $0.25 denomination selected that round, you end up with $50,000 cash in the best case scenario.

Design and symbols

The Celtic Crown’s design is a mystical one, and definitely Irish inspired. You have a field of flowers at the bottom, with a green and gold background image, the gold part being in the form of a Celtic style chain that surrounds the game area. The images shown in the symbols look like they are taken out of some story book, with gorgeous letters used for the playing cards and with images of a highly romanticized medieval era.

Symbols: Princess (wild), Harp (scatter, 100x bet), Prince (10,000x), Crest (1,500x), Ring (500x), Flower (500x), Ace (250x), King (250x), Queen (150x), Jack (150x), Ten (100x) and 9 (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

The storybook quality of the design might be appealing to some, but I for one am not among them, even though taken individually the symbols show that they’re well made. It’s also a game with good top payouts and a decent collection of features.

The Celtic Crown slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.