Loose Cannon Slots

Loose-CannonWhile Loose Cannon is one of the many slot machines with a pirate theme, Microgaming made sure that it’s not just average when it offers you something. Besides using ways to win, it also has some great features and graphics that place it among the best looking slots to offer you this focus on pirate and treasures. It looks like one of the newer slots in Microgaming’s arsenal, and it’s a lot of fun, as you will discover yourself if you try it out or read our review.

On the 5 reels of Loose Cannon you’re going to discover a system with 243 ways to win in it, with features that include free spins, a scatter and a Wild Cannon feature which can be incredibly profitable. As for the top prizes of the game, they reach values of only $1,250.

Features of Loose Cannon

The game has plenty of things to keep you busy, especially in the features department. The ways to win are just one example, being complemented by a free spins feature, by scatter symbols, wild symbols that can become stacked on certain reels and which can fire cannons at other symbols to give them the same role.

The slot’s 243 ways to win use the 5 reels to create combinations that are present on consecutive reels and going from left to right. They eliminate the necessity for the paylines to be in pre-arranged positions, instead being enough for the symbols to be on reels which are next to each other.

The Wild Cannon is a bonus feature of the game which is started whenever the Pirate Ship appears on the 3rd reel of Loose Cannon. The symbols will replicate on that reel, so all the positions on it become wilds of this type. At the same time, the wild Pirate Ships that appear on that reel can fire at the left and the right reels, turning up to 15 positions into wilds that you can take advantage of. Like always, wilds can’t substitute for the scatter symbols, but they’re quite helpful with regular symbols.


Free Games Feature

There are free spins as well in Loose Cannon, and you get them started with assistance from the scatter symbol. It’s the one with the compass that has an octopus on it, so you can’t miss it. Three of these scatters are required to be present, on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels, at the same time. You get a prize worth 5x the bet, plus the free spins.


There are 15 free spins offered by this feature, and while they don’t have multipliers, they do pay going from both right to left and left to right, so the odds of creating a combo are even higher than in the base game.


Betting options and jackpots

The equivalent of 30 paylines are used for the wagers, even though there are 243 ways to win. Each line can get a wager of up to $5, made up of 5 coins of $1. You can reduce the coin’s value to much smaller values, plus you can use fewer coins for each line. You always wager on all 30 virtual paylines though. The maximum bet is at $150.

With so many chances to win, the payouts tend to be rather low, the biggest one offered being worth $1,250. The scatter symbol is close as well, with $750 being awarded by its symbols.

Design and symbols

The design is clearly one of the slot’s biggest advantages. The quality of the symbols and the surrounding graphics is excellent, and you will find yourself looking at them as much as you’re clicking on the Spin button. There are only themed symbols in the game, excellently handled, and the background picture shows you the pirate island, the ocean’s waters and the deck of the ship, with barrels and treasure chests filled with gold that are waiting to be buried.


Symbols: Compass (scatter, 5x bet), Loose Cannon Logo (250x), Pirate Captain (200x), Pirate Lady (175x), Monkey (150x), Treasure Chest (90x), Treasure Map (80x), Rum (70x) and Pistols (60x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Its ways to win and graphics are very cool, along with the wild cannon feature. Overall though, the features are not that impressive and the prizes are a bit on the low side.

The Loose Cannon slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.