Mocha Orange Slots

Mocha-OrangeMocha Orange is a classic slot machine at heart, though it does bring with it some features that were not available in older slot machines. The theme focuses on the orange fruit and on the color with the same name, both of them being visible in the design and symbols of Mocha Orange. Microgaming is the creator of this slot machine, which has a fairly large number of things in common with other 3 reel titles of theirs.

One of the many Microgaming slots with 3 reels, 1 line and with wilds that have multipliers, Mocha Orange does well enough with its graphics, but with payouts of only $8,000 it doesn’t really stand out.

Features of Mocha Orange

While you wouldn’t necessarily expect it from a classic slot machine, Mocha Orange does come with a couple of features, both of them present through the same symbol with the Orange fruit.

It’s a wild symbol, and at the same time it applies a multiplier when it does its job. There are three positions that can be occupied by a wild on a payline, and depending on how many of them are on it you will get different outcomes.

The Orange wild creates its own combination of three symbols when the entire line is occupied by it. At that point, it’s not used as a wild, instead giving you the top prize of 1,600 coins.

As a wild, it can appear with 1 or 2 symbols on an active line, while the rest of the positions are occupied by one symbol, or by two matching ones. One wild will double the payout of the game with its multiplier, while two wilds quadruple it.

Betting options and jackpots

The game allows you to use 1 or 2 coins, while their value is between $0.25 and $5. With a maximum bet of $10, the slot is similar to many other titles from this developer.

The same goes for the payouts that are available, up to 1,600 coins being won when 2 coins are used in bets. Their value goes up to $8,000.

Design and symbols

It’s a fun design to look at, with an abstract tapestry like background behind the game area. The paytable area uses green, purple and orange to its advantage, the result being a fairly decent looking slot. The symbols use the orange color, all of them including it in some way.

Symbols: Orange (1,600 coins, wild), Orange 7 (200 coins), Orange Three Bar (100 coins), Orange Two Bar (50 coins), Golden Bell (40 coins) and Orange One Bar (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The design is the most appealing part about this slot, which is quite average in every other way. If you enjoy this type of game, Mocha Orange might be the one whose graphics will annoy you the least.

The Mocha Orange slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.