Monsters in the Closet Slots

Monsters-in-the-ClosetMonsters in the Closet looks like a slot themed around the movie “Monsters, Inc.”, though it doesn’t seem to have an official license, so it doesn’t show you the exact same graphics. It’s built around the idea of monsters that are hiding in the closet, with the symbol list being a line-up of cute yet disturbing creatures, with all kinds of fins, tails, long teeth, horns, eyes, tentacles and wings thrown in. There is a lot of variety in the way these monsters are built, which means that you’re not going to get bored too quickly playing the slot. Microgaming is the creator of this slot machine.

You get a lot of chances to score a win each round, the slot having 50 paylines that you can activate on its 5 reels. There are also bonus games, free spins, multipliers, two scatter symbols and one wild. The top prize is the only one that is below average, worth $4,000.

Features of Monsters in the Closet

Just like with the design, Microgaming went above and beyond here, using a combination with wild symbols, multiple scatters, free spins with multipliers and a bonus feature which brings very good prizes and some additional bonus games.

The Logo of the game is the one that is used for the wild feature, something that is often done by a symbol of this kind. As the wild, this symbol can replace any other regular symbol, so the two scatters are not influenced by it. As a substitute it will help you with the creation of new combinations, being useful quite often, but the ideal situation is when the wild forms its own combo, as it gives away the best prizes of the slot (up to 2,000x the line bet).

The first of the two scatter symbols is the Demon Door Knocker, and it’s the better paying of the two, with up to 200x the total bet offered when up to five of them are on the reels.

Free Games Feature

With 3, 4 or 5 Demon Door Knockers present on the reels, no matter where exactly they’re located, you will be rewarded with both the cash prizes mentioned above, and with the round of 12 free spins. These free spins have 3x multipliers, so prizes are worth three times as much.


Retriggering the free spins is another possibility, as long as you have 3+ scattered symbols once again.

The Monster Closet Bonus Game

The scattered Skeleton Key is the second symbol that can appear in any position it wants, while still offering cash prizes and access to features. The cash prizes only go up to 50x the bet. Both the prizes and the bonus feature get triggered when 3 or more Skeleton Keys are on the reels.


The bonus feature takes you to a new screen, where there are five doors to choose from. Depending on the monster hidden behind the one you choose, you will gain access to a bonus feature or you will get a cash prize of up to 75x the bet.


Finding the Scary Slam Eye symbol will trigger a bonus feature where you have to collect monster winnings, in a fixed amount of time. Once the time runs out this feature ends.

The Destination Bonus is started if you locate the Atlas book. You have to locate certain special monsters in their home, the result being wins of up to 200x.

Betting options and jackpots

Since there are 50 lines that need to be activated (only if you want them all active), the wagers tend to get big rather quickly in this game. Each line requires between 1 and 10 coins, with denominations ranging between $0.01 and $0.20. While you spend only up to $2 per line, the maximum bet is $100.

A 2,000x top payout might sound like it’s very small, but it’s somewhat understandable since there are so many paylines to win it on. Up to 20,000 coins are offered through this jackpot, worth up to $4,000.

Design and symbols

As I’ve mentioned before, the game seems to be heavily influenced by the “Monsters, Inc” animation movie, which was a hit with children and adults from all over the world. You’re going to find the same scary monsters hidden behind closet doors, and they’re just as well designed. It’s a pleasure to look at the symbols and to play this game, Microgaming did a great job with it.


Symbols: Logo (wild, 2,000x), Door Knocker (scatter, 200x bet), Skeleton Key (scatter, 50x bet), Bull Monster (1,000x), Fish Frog (750x), Eye Ball Monster (500x), Purple Blob (300x), One Eyed Sock (150x), Imp (125x) and Baby Dragon (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an impressive slot machine, in a lot of ways, but you shouldn’t expect to get rich from it. Instead, expect a lot of smaller prizes, coming in quite often.

The Monsters in the Closet slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.