No Worries – Multiplayer Slots

No-Worries-MultiplayerThis is the Multiplayer version of No Worries, a slot machine from Microgaming which was designed around wildlife from the Australian outback, the characters appearing on the reels living a pretty laid-back lifestyle. Since it’s a multiplayer title, the experience you’re going to get from it is quite different, but it’s not just the fact that you can chat with other players, it’s also the chance to experience bonus features together. The game actually does the features quite differently in the multiplayer version, while keeping only the graphics the same. Since it has a progressive jackpot as well to offer, the Multiplayer version seems a lot more appealing.

You get 20 lines and 5 reels from this multi-player slot, while the original game had only 9 lines. Besides the multi-player aspect, you also get a progressive jackpot, scatter symbols, a wild and a bonus game.

Features of No Worries – Multiplayer

The features include some things that are available in the single player version (wild and scatter symbols), but there are some new ones as well, like the bonus game and its progressive jackpot.

The multiplayer aspect of the game brings you a couple of benefits. It starts with the selection of the room you want to play in, each one using coins of different values. Once you’re in, you have your game area, but you also have a chat section where you can talk with other players. The experience is similar to the one from the online bingo games, which also rely quite heavily on chat rooms. You also have a bonus game which gets triggered for everyone, so it’s another experience players have in common. The leaderboard is placed on the left side, and you can see how many points each player has.

First, the No Worries Logo, serving as the wild symbol, just like in the regular version of the slot. You can expect it to serve as a substitute for other symbols, but only if it appears in the exact location where others are needed. It can help multiple combinations be formed in the same round, if it’s on multiple active lines where it can do something about it. It also forms combinations of its own, with a minimum of three and a maximum of five Logos needed on the same payline. Payouts go up to 10,000x when the wild offers them directly.


The scatter symbol is the one represented by the image of a Boomerang. This symbol gives away prizes, as multiples of the total bet, between 2x and 250x being awarded when you have two to five of them scattered on the reels.

Bonus Game

The bonus game starts automatically once the countdown timer reaches zero, and it’s in your best interest that you have as many points collected at that point as possible. You compete with other players, and the number of collected points decides who has more chances to take home the jackpot.


You can collect points by getting symbols with beer cans next with them. These multi colored cans have numbers on them, going up to 100. You need 3 to 5 of these symbols with points on the same active line, and in exchange you get the sum of the points written on them. These symbols with points have to go from the leftmost position to the right, on consecutive reels, so basically they have to form their own little combinations.

Once the feature starts, you will notice that the jackpot wheel appears and starts spinning. Depending on your luck, you will get 100% of the prize, 80%, 60%, 40% or 20%.

Betting options and jackpots

Both the bets and the prizes are much smaller than usual. Depending on the room that you choose, the coins will be worth between $0.01 and $0.05, one of them being used for each active line. The most you can wager in a single round is $1.

The top prizes might give you 10,000 coins in exchange for the one coin you use per line, but with denominations being only up to $0.05 that brings you a $500 jackpot. The progressive jackpot will offer you more money than that though.

Design and symbols

The design has stayed largely the same in this multiplayer game, especially the reel area and the symbols which are used in it. It looks just as good, but the reels have been decreased in size, leaving room to the other features and to the multiplayer sections. You have the Chat on the right, a Leaderboard on the left, plus the Jackpot section and the bonus wheel at the top.


Symbols: No Worries Logo (10,000x, wild), Boomerang (250x bet, scatter), Wallaby (3,000x), Koala (2,000x), Platypus (1,000x), Wombat (750x), Kookaburra (500x), Ace (200x), King (175x), Queen (150x), Jack (125x) and 10 (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re bored with regular slots, multi-player variants could very well be a solution, especially when they have a competition element as well, as this one does. It’s also very cheap to play, but the prizes are far from impressive as a result.

This No Worries – Multiplayer slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.