Pure Platinum Slots

Pure-PlatinumPure Platinum is a slot offered by Microgaming, one of the bigger developers of such machines, and it’s themed around the precious metal known as platinum. While gold and silver are present in enough games, especially the former, platinum doesn’t get too much love from developers. Well, Microgaming fixes all that with a very well designed slot machine, where the Platinum metal is front and center.

Microgaming crammed 40 bet lines on the 5 reels of Pure Platinum. With so many chances to get a prize, the top payouts are less than impressive, offering up to $500. Among its features you will find the free spins, the multipliers, scatter symbols and a stacked wild.

Features of Pure Platinum

Two types of symbols are used in the game, a wild and a scatter. The first one comes stacked, while the latter triggers free spins with multipliers for you.

As I’ve mentioned, the wild symbol of Pure Platinum comes in stacked, so you get the chance of landing multiple symbols of this type on the same reel. The symbol is the one with the Pure Platinum Logo on it. Since it’s stacked, you will often get a chance to see it help you out, appearing on a lot of different paylines, so there are very good odds that it will be part of at least one new combo. At the same time, if it happens that multiple wilds appear on the right reels, it’s very possible that there will be more than one high paying combo with them inside. Each combo formed only with wilds pays between 100x and 1,000x the line bet, for three to five symbols.

The scatter symbol shows you a Platinum Record, and it’s a symbol which doesn’t take into account the game’s paylines. Instead, you get paid whenever these symbols appear in at least two locations on the reels. The more Records there are, the bigger your payout. The minimum is worth 1x the bet, for two Records, while the maximum is 100x the triggering bet, for five Records.

Free Games Feature

Getting the free spins started is done the same way as in every other slot machine which uses scatters. You need between three and five of these symbols, with Platinum Records on them, and it doesn’t matter where on the reels they appeared.


Your reward will be a choice, on a second screen, where you decide how many spins you get and what their multiplier will be.


The first choice is a very generous round with 50 spins for free and a 1x multiplier. The second choice doubles the multiplier to 2x, but cuts in half the number of spins, to 25. The third option gives you a big multiplier, at 5x, but there are only 10 free spins.

Betting options and jackpots

With 40 lines that need to be covered, the game manages to be surprisingly affordable, even when the maximum wager is used. For each line that is covered, you can select 1 to 10 coins, and then you use a denomination between $0.01 and $0.05. A line bet can have a top value of $0.50, while the maximum bet for all 40 lines is at $20.

The 1,000x jackpot doesn’t mean much in this case, with line bets being only up to $0.50. You can take $500 home, in the best case scenario.

Design and symbols

Given that this is a platinum themed game, you’re going to find this particular metal inserted into pretty much every symbol. Some kind of metal working workshop is visible at the top, behind the logo area, while the reels are black, in a nice contrast with the silver of the platinum. The symbols are either playing cards or objects and logos that are made out of this precious metal.


Symbols: Pure Platinum Logo (wild, 1,000x), Platinum Record (scatter, 100x bet), Stacked Bars (750x), Stamped Bars (750x), Wedding Ring (750x), Watch (500x), Ace (200x), King (150x), Queen (125x), Jack (100x), Ten (75x) and Nine (50x).

Is It Worth Playing?

If precious metals are things you’d love to own, you can try Pure Platinum, at least it’s not one of the dozens of gold themed games. You’re going to get plenty of chances to win prizes, and it will not cost that much, but the top payouts will disappoint you.

This Pure Platinum slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.