Royal 7’s Slots

Royal-7'sRoyal 7s is as classic a slot as they get these days. While it’s not the kind of game where you actually see the neighboring slots from the casino floor, it’s pretty close to that kind of experience. The theme chosen by Microgaming for this slot is based on the 7 symbol and on a bit of a royal influence, mostly visible in the crown placed over the game logo. Other than that, it’s a regular game, like dozens of others.

1 payline is offered on the Royal 7s 3 reels. Microgaming offers no features in this case, but you still have a chance to win a $12,500 jackpot.

Features of Royal 7’s

Since the game uses as inspiration slots from a few decades ago, when complications weren’t easily available in slots, it offers no special symbols of its own. You do get paid when one or two cherry symbols are present, even if they can’t form a combo, so I guess you could call them scatters of sorts, but that’s something that all slots offer. What is missing is the wild symbol, the multiplier or bonus games, all things that 3 reel titles are often including these days. You get a much more simple experience from Royal 7s.

Betting options and jackpots

With one line available, the slot uses the typical betting system with up to 3 coins that can be used on it. As usual, you have a bonus in the top jackpot is you use all the coins available to you. The denomination is another way to control the bet value, a coin being worth between $0.25 and $5. The maximum wager is $15.

The third coin you use gets you access to a top payout of 2,500 coins, meaning as much as $12,500, if you used $5 coins.

Design and symbols

The design of the game does look a bit royal, mostly when you look at the background image and the logo. The picture placed behind the game area is checkered, using two shades of blue for this purpose. The logo looks beautiful, using gold letters, red 7s and a King’s Crown on top of it all. The symbols are all classics though, with cherries, bar icons and 7s being used.

Symbols: Red 7 (2,500 coins), Blue 7 (240 coins), Three Bar (90 coins), Two Bar (60 coins), One Bar (30 coins) and Cherries (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The kind of basic gameplay that Royal 7s offers is not for everyone, so I’m only going to recommend it if you enjoy these simple games without any features inside.

The Royal 7’s slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.