Spike’s Nite Out Slots

Spikes-Nite-OutSpike’s Nite Out is a Microgaming slot machine, where the theme gives you a picture of a night full of fun, the protagonists being a bulldog named Spike and all his dog friends. You see them playing cards for the most part, so it seems that they went out to a casino. It’s well enough handled, above average for Microgaming and for the slot industry in general, especially when it comes to the graphics which are used.

You’re getting 15 paylines to bet on if you play this slot, with the usual 5 reels acting as support. Among the features, a bonus game is offered, along with scatter symbols, multipliers and a wild. As for the top prize, it’s quite generous for this developer, worth $30,000.

Features of Spike’s Nite Out

You don’t have as many features as in other slots, with the free spins missing in this case, but you have the bonus game, scatter symbols and wilds to take advantage of.

To start with, let’s take a look at the wild symbol, whose image is that of the Spike’s Nite Out Logo. This wild symbol can replace any other icon, as long as it’s a regular one, which doesn’t have scatter abilities. Landing in the right spot on a payline will allow it to take the role of another symbol, but only if the rest of the symbols needed for a combo are already in place. The wild is also capable of forming its own combinations, whenever it lands with two to five symbols, from left to right. It can award top payouts of up to 15,000x, the biggest that this game has to offer.


As for the scatter symbol, the one that can’t take advantage of the wild’s presence, the image representing it has a Doggy Time Logo on it. The scatter’s powers allow it to award prizes and start bonus games by simply being present in enough locations at the same time. What this means is that if you have between two and five Doggy Time Logos present, you will receive prizes between 2x and 100x the triggering bet, no matter where the symbols have appeared.

Bonus Game

The bonus game also gets started when the scattered Doggy Time Logos are present, this time with at least three icons. They also have to be arranged from left to right on the reels, so they’re a lot more limited than in other slots.


Once inside, you have a picture with the dogs playing cards, where you have to make picks and get prizes from each one. Up to six picks can be made here, each one with its own random prize to give.

Betting options and jackpots

You decide how many coins each line gets, the range being 1 to 10, and you also pick the denomination, from the range of $0.01 to $0.20. The most you can spend on one line is $2, while the total goes up to $30 when all 15 lines are used.

The game rewards its players with very good prizes, up to 15,000x being awarded for the right five symbols. That’s up to $30,000 cash (150,000 coins).

Design and symbols

The setting for this slot’s action is a poker room, where Spike and his friends are playing a friendly game. If you look at the background picture, you will notice a poker table at the bottom, while the walls have a dark red tapestry. It’s a well designed game, with only themed symbols used in it, something that I always appreciate when I see it.


Symbols: Game Logo (15,000x, wild), Doggy Time Logo (scatter, 100x wager), Dog at table (5,000x), Dog and chips (3,000x), Dog and beer (2,000x), Dog holding cards (1,000x), Dog holding an Ace (750x), Dog holding one card (200x), Tied Cat (150x), Chips & Cards (100x), Dog Bowl (80x) and Dog Collar (60x).

Is It Worth Playing?

I loved the big prizes awarded by the wild symbol, a 15,000x multiplier being quite rare in modern slots. It’s not very expensive to play either, not even at the maximum bet, and the feature list looks decent enough.

This Spike’s Nite Out slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.