Starlight Kiss Slots

Starlight-KissStarlight Kiss is one of the games released by Microgaming, with the theme chosen for it being a rather romantic look at a 19th century love affair. You see the couple in the bonus game, and there are plenty of great looking elements of design, many of them taking you to a Victorian era, the time when this love affair takes place. The kiss between the two, taking place under the light of the stars, is shown in the bonus game.

With 5 reels and 30 paylines, Starlight Kiss might not be an average slot machine, but it’s pretty close to normal. There are some great features in it though, like the Romance bonus game, the free spins with multipliers, scatter symbols and wilds. Its top payouts will reward you with up to $10,000.

Features of Starlight Kiss

The game’s Romance bonus game is the one you want to get, but there are also wilds, scatter symbols, multipliers and free spins to take advantage of as you play.

To start with, let’s take a look at the Starlight Kiss Logo, the symbol which was chosen to act as the game’s wild. A wild symbol has the power to take the place of any other regular icon, so as long as they’re not bonus icons or scatters they can take advantage of its substitution ability. Some of the biggest prizes offered by the game are obtained when the wild manages to create its own combo, though you’re going to find that having up to five of them on the same line is not something you’re going to see that often.

The other major symbol offered is the scatter symbol, with the Mansion shown in it. As a scatter, this symbol appears wherever it likes, as long as at least two of them are present. If you have 2 or more, you get paid, the amount varying between 1x and 70x the total bet of the round.

Free Games Feature

Free spins are also offered when the scatter symbol gets involved, but you need a minimum of three for that kind of reward to be activated. In exchange, you get 14 spins for free, while all the wins are multiplied by 2x. Retriggering free spins is another possibility, with another 3+ Mansions being needed on the reels.


Romance Bonus Game

The Couple symbol, the one where he is holding her and about to kiss her, will act as another scatter. It’s also going to reward you with a prize worth 4x the bet when you have all three present. These symbols appear on the reels 2, 3 and 4.


You are asked to pick three objects, out of the ten shown on the screen. You get hearts and prizes from these choices. The more hearts you have the bigger the bonus multiplier for that bonus game. Up to 10x the usual prize of the bonus can be won with its help.

Betting options and jackpots

Since you have 30 paylines, each one taking up to 20 coins when wagers are placed, you use as many as 600 coins in this game. The denomination of these coins only goes from $0.01 to $0.25, so the maximum wager is at $150. The line bets have a maximum value of $5.

You can win up to 40,000 coins when the wild symbol gets involved, meaning up to $10,000. The scatter symbol does a little bit better, offering 42,000 coins, so up to $10,500.

Design and symbols

There are a lot of things that Microgaming did right when they put this design together, but there are annoying things about it as well, and of course they have to do with the playing card icons which are so often found on the reels. While these cards do have roses of different colors next to them, they don’t quite seem to be well enough themed. A beautiful garden is visible behind the game area, the location where the kiss takes place under the starlight.


Symbols: Starlight Kiss Logo (2,000x, wild), Mansion (70x triggering bet, scatter), Couple (bonus, 4x the bet), Man with rose (700x), Blonde Woman (700x), Letter (600x), Box of chocolates (300x), Ace (150x), King (150x), Queen (100x), Jack (100x) and 10 (60x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s one of the many slot machines that work great when Valentines Day puts you in the mood for something romantic, but if you’re in love then it will be a good choice all year long. The graphics and the features are its biggest pros, the top payout being only average.

The Starlight Kiss slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.