Mythic Maiden Slots

Mythic-MaidenMythic Maiden is one of those slots that actually tries to look scary, not just fake it with cute characters that are dressed up for Halloween. From mummified heads, to mummy hands, black widow spiders and torture devices, Mythic Maiden has a lot of elements that actually look the part, and I for one love it. It’s a game you will enjoy come Halloween, though there is nothing stopping you from playing it at any point during the year, it will remain just as fun.

This scary slot machine provides you with 30 paylines and just as many chances to win during each spin. There are 5 reels and the game was created by Net Entertainment. As far as features go, you will enjoy the presence of the wild, of multipliers, free spins and of scatters. Payouts will get you up to $10,000 in the base game, as long as the wild symbol doesn’t get involved (things get even better when it does though).

Features of Mythic Maiden

With huge multipliers, free spins, scatter symbols and wilds, Mythic Maiden has everything you could want from a slot machine, and they’re not used just for show.

The Full Moon, seen through a window as its surface transforms into the image of a skull, will serve as the wild feature of Mythic Maiden. A wild symbol is recognized for its ability to substitute for other symbols, which means that when it is positioned in the right spot it can turn into a regular icon, but only if that will result in new combinations being created. Whenever that happens, and you get a payout with its help, the prize is worth three times as much (x3 multiplier).


Free Games Feature

You also have a scatter symbol, which can appear anywhere on the 5 reels, so as long as there are at least three of them you can get the free spins feature started. The maximum of five scatters will bring along 30 free spins. Four scatters will give you only 15 free spins, while three will have 10 free spins for you. Retriggering these free spins is possible, as you play them.


On the main window, to the right side of the reels, you will notice an iron maiden device, which only opens up during the free spins. At that point, once each spin is over, it will reveal multipliers of up to x10 and/or extra free spins. You can get up to 2 extra spins for free with its help. The multipliers are available for the current round, as the new one can get a different one.

Betting options and jackpots

If you want to get the game started, all you have to do is use a single coin at $0.01, and it will spin for you. If you want to have a decent chance to win something, you should select at least 30 coins, so all the lines are active. If you want good prizes as well, use up to 10 coins on those reels, with the denomination turned up all the way to $0.50. You end up with a $5 line bet, or $150 total bet.

In exchange, the slot will give you up to 2,000x what you put in, so up to $10,000 from a regular five symbol combo. The wild has a multiplier that will take it to $30,000, while the free spins can get even bigger multipliers.

Design and symbols

Mythic Maiden’s design is one of the few that actually attempt the scary look, and the developers have succeeded at creating something that any horror genre fan will enjoy. There is nothing pretty about these symbols, though the quality is easily recognizable in each case. Some kind of attic filled with junk, or maybe a witch’s hut, is in the background picture. The reels are encased in bronze like decorations, while on the right side you can see an iron maiden torture device. Design wise, it’s one of the better slots you could go after when Halloween is right around the corner.


Symbols: Full Moon (wild), Spirits (scatter), Shrunken Head (2,000x), Gorilla Skull (1,000x), Book (500x), Tarantula Spider (200x), Chest of secrets (150x), Ace (125x), King (100x), Queen (90x), Jack (80x) and Ten (70x).Mythic-Maiden-paytable

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a fascinating slot graphics wise, one of the scarier and better designed titles in this category, as long as you’re interested in truly scary games. Give it a go next Halloween, you will not regret it. It certainly has the potential for very good prizes, though you will need the help of the multipliers from the special features to be truly happy about their value.

You will find Mythic Maiden at any online casino which chooses to use software from Net Entertainment, playable either for free or for real money.