$5 Million Winning Streak Slots

$5-Million-Winning-StreakIn $5 Million Winning Streak, you will find a Playtech slot machine which looks modern enough if the graphics alone interest you, but which has a limited number of paylines on its 5 reels. The game has very big prizes to offer, and the title says it, up to $5 million being offered to the players that make the right bets and get the needed symbols on a payline. The game’s theme is about winning streaks, and this can take many forms, from boxing, to bull runs, skating or Olympic titles.

While playing this game, you’re trying to win a $5,000,000 top jackpot, and you’re placing your bets on its 5 paylines in order to get there. The game has 5 reels to host the lines.

Features of $5 Million Winning Streak

The game doesn’t have that many features to offer. There is only a bonus round which can be activated with the help of its own bonus symbol, but it’s not a scatter. The Bag of Cash icon is the one that is used in this case, and when it appears on a payline with 3+ symbols you will be taken to the bonus game.

The big prize, which offers $5 million to a lucky player, will require that you use $5 bets and that you cover all 5 lines of the slot. It’s not that difficult of a requirement to meet, but finding the right five symbols on a payline will be the part that is far less likely to be accomplished. The symbols needed here show you the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese, so it seems like a touch of humor was introduced in the game as well.

Betting options and jackpots

Each of the 5 lines of this game accepts a bet of up to $5, while the minimum value of a coin will be $0.25. If you’re going for the big prize, then I recommend you place the maximum bet of $25.

A maximum bet, and the right five symbols on a payline, will bring you the big prize of $5,000,000, which the title also mentions. Otherwise, the prizes go up to $75,000 at most.

Design and symbols

It’s actually not a bad looking slot machine, it uses only symbols that have a connection with the theme, and they are well made. The background shows off huge stacks of cash that are placed on the floor, the rest of the room having a red curtain like background. The symbols are realistic, showing you tiny photos from the real world, so they’re not computer made.


Symbols: Money Bag (bonus), Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese (15,000 coins), Superbowl Streak (5,000 coins), Skating Streak (3,000 coins), US Open Streak (2,000 coins), Boxing (1,000 coins), Olympic Streak (500 coins), Rodman Bull Run (200 coins), Space (100 coins) and Beckham Ball (50 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

Considering the big prize that the game has in store for you, I’d definitely give the game a shot. It might have few paylines and only one simple feature, but that big prize makes up for it.

$5 Million Winning Streak can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.