Blade Slots

BladeBlade is both the name of this slot and that of a character in a series of movies, a vampire hunter that is a mutant himself. Using a combination of weapons and martial arts, Blade hunts down evil monsters of the night, the kind that kept you up as a kid. Playtech designed this slot machine under official license, so you can expect at least a half decent effort to be put into it. There are multiple progressive jackpots that can be won, together with a number of other advantages, all in a vampire hunter themed slot that is not a bad effort all things considered.

An impressive game for a lot of reasons, the main one being the $250,000 jackpot it offers, Blade has among its features a combo of free games, scatter symbols, dynamic multipliers and wilds, not to mention the Blade Split. The action takes place on 5 reels with 20 lines on them.

Features of Blade

The main features of Blade would consist in the free spins, the scatter symbols, dynamic multipliers, a bonus game called Blade Split and a wild. The fact that you can get up to six symbols in a combo, instead of the usual five, is another feature of Blade that I appreciated.

First of all, we have the Blade Split feature, which can trigger when it appears on the 5th reel. It can give you up to two symbols instead of one, so you can form combinations of up to six symbols if it gets involved.

Blade, a black man with sunglasses and wearing a weapon on his back, will act as the slot’s best paying symbol, but it will also assist you with the formation of combinations that don’t pay nearly as well as he does. The reward offered when you have all six wilds on an active line goes up to 25,000x, while for five wilds (if the Blade Split feature doesn’t get involved) it is only at 2,500x.

The Logo symbol is a scatter, with an interesting payout of up to 666x the bet of that round. For fewer than five scatter symbols, the payout is at 66x (four scatters) and 6x (three scatters).


Free Games Feature

The same three Logos scattered on the reels will also get you free spins, 15 of them total, accompanied by a dynamic multiplier. It starts at 1x, but with each winning combo you get, the multiplier goes up by 1x. It stops once it reaches 5x, but if you get rounds without wins in them it starts going down.

You can’t retrigger the feature, but the Logo scatter is still useful, as it becomes a wild symbol with sticky properties for the duration of the free spins.

Marvel Progressive Jackpot Feature

This is a random feature, which you can’t trigger directly from the game. Marvel offers its jackpots for all the slots that are built with an official license from them. Once triggered, the bonus feature takes you to a screen where there are 20 squares. You have to pick squares until you get three symbols which are identical. Depending on what came out, you can win one of the four progressive jackpots (Ultimate Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Power).

Betting options and jackpots

Each of the 20 paylines from Blade can get wagers of $0.01 to $10, the maximum amount being composed out of 10 coins of $1 each. The maximum bet is worth $200, with all the paylines selected.

As for the best prizes awarded, they require the presence of six wild symbols in a combo, the sixth one being provided thanks to the Blade Split feature. The 25,000x prize that would be offered then would have a value of up to $250,000.

Design and symbols

The design is fairly modern, and I’d say it’s the better looking Blade slot machine (another one exists at a different developer). The playing cards are not convincing, all of them identical and sporting a metallic design, but the rest of the images look great, computer made and well enough polished. The symbols consist in either characters or weapons that can be used against vampires.

Symbols: Blade (wild, 25,000x), Blade Split (bonus), Blade Logo (scatter, 666x the triggering bet), Female Vampire (4,000x), Machine Gun (3,000x), Silver Spikes (2,500x), Blade Weapon (2,500x), Darts (2,500x), Ace (500x), King (500x), Queen (300x), Jack (300x) and Ten (250x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You don’t have to be a fan of Blade or vampire games to enjoy this particular slot, but it does add something extra if you are. It has big prizes, you can form combinations with up to six symbols in them, there are plenty of features and a theme that Marvel fans will love. Overall, I’d say go for it.

Blade, the Vampire Hunter

Blade is the name of one of the superheroes from the Marvel universe. He is a mutant human, half vampire himself, and he is a hunter of these monsters of the night. He was first part of a comic book in 1973, though at the time he was a secondary character. Among the powers that he possesses there is his superhuman speed, strength, agility, durability, reflexes and stamina. He also heals quickly, can sense creatures of the night when they’re nearby and he fights and shoots like a madman.

The comic book started it all, but there were movies as well created based on it, and even though he’s not as popular as some of the other characters from Marvel Comics, he still has a lot of fans.

The Blade slot machine is offered through the Playtech platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.