Cinerama Slots

CineramaCinerama is a film themed slot machine, where the action revolves more around the process through which movies are created, rather than around the red carpet events that so many people are fixated on. The director actually seems to get the main role in this slot machine, which was designed by Playtech. Chances are that it’s not going to impress you with features, but it does offer some good things, like the progressive jackpot or the above average design.

Cinerama’s 5 reels have only 5 paylines on them, but they can give you a progressive jackpot or a payout of up to 10,000x as an alternative. Two different bonus games are inside, plus a wild symbol.

Features of Cinerama

The feature list of Cinerama is quite disappointing, but it’s not a bad fit when you consider how few paylines are available in it, and the fact that it tries to keep things as simple as possible. You have a wild symbol, a scatter and two bonus games.

The wild is the Movie Projector, the only symbol that can substitute for other symbols when it appears and in the process assist you with the formation of new combinations. The ideal here is to actually get the wild to form a combo of its own, with matching Projectors on the same active line. This will result in prizes of 25x to 10,000x, or even a progressive jackpot (with maximum bet and five wilds on a line).

Box Office Bonus Game

Two different bonus features can be triggered, the first one being started with the help of a scatter symbol of sorts. The Headphones appear only on the 1st reel and a single symbol appearing there will be enough to get the first bonus round started.

The resulting Box Office bonus game allows you to choose the movie that you believe will be the winner at the box office. You get a share of whatever profits that movie brings.


Movie Director Bonus Game

The second bonus feature is not triggered by a scatter, instead needing the Director symbol to form a combination on the same payline, with at least three of them present. As the director, you pick the main actor and the actress that will play in the movie. Your choices will determine the size of the bonus prize you take home.


Betting options and jackpots

This is a penny slot, with line bets fixed at $0.05, while total bets will stop at $0.25 when all the lines are selected.

The 10,000x jackpot might mean only $500 in this case, but the progressive prize can get you payouts that have averaged at about $52,000 in the past.

Design and symbols

You might not be impressed with the number of paylines and the impression of simplicity that the game gives you initially, but it’s an attractive title nonetheless and it was a pleasure trying it out. There are no annoying card symbols here, so all the images you find inside are connected directly to the theme. It has a bit of a dark design, with dark blues and purples being used in several places, the white reels being the only ones that add a dash of light.

Symbols: Video Projector (wild, progressive jackpot or 10,000x), Director (bonus), Headphones (scatter/bonus), Script (1,000x), Film Slate (800x), Film Reel (600x), Megaphone (500x), Film (400x), Star (300x), Spotlight (200x) and Microphone (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s definitely worth trying out at least. It’s very cheap to play, so you can give it a go even if you only want to waste some time, without breaking the bank. The downside would be the small number of paylines, meaning fewer chances to win a prize, but with wagers like those offered here, we shouldn’t be too picky.

The Cinerama slot machine is offered through the Playtech platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.