Elektra Slots

ElektraElektra is one of Playtech’s comic book themed slot machines. In this case, the action revolves around Elektra, a superhero that is part of the Marvel Comics. Both comic books and movies were made about her. She is a Greek born kunoichi, meaning a ninja assassin that is female. She’s not quite the good girl bent on killing bad guys, but she’s not on the side of evil either. Appearing in comic books as someone that Daredevil has a love interest in, Elektra Natchios (her full name) is a bit too mercenary and violent for the relationship to go any further. That’s the character that Playtech has built an entire slot machine around, a good choice since this is definitely not your typical superhero.

Layout wise, Elektra is an average slot, with 5 reels and 20 lines that are the same as in most slots. The features do stand out a bit, especially its bonus game and the free spins with multipliers that it offers. There are scatter symbols and wilds as well in the game, which together with the progressive jackpots from Marvel and the game’s own $250,000 make for a very interesting and motivating title.

Features of Elektra

The features available in Elektra could be much better, especially with Marvel’s work being the inspiration for this slot. You will discover the free games with expanding wilds, the scatter symbols, a bonus game and regular wilds.

Elektra herself is used for the wild symbol, one of the most important features here, as it is in many other slots. However, this is not the symbol that will give you the top jackpot, a role that is often attached to it. The reason is the fact that it can only appear on three reels, the three in the middle. During the base game spins it will act as a regular wild, substituting for the other symbols, with the exception of the scatter. Only during the free spins does this feature get an extra power, expanding to cover the entire reel. Since it’s limited to only a few reels, I would’ve expected for the expanding role to be available right from the base game, so I’d call this feature a bit disappointing.

The Sai weapon will be used for the scatter feature, the one that can give you both big prizes and a bonus feature with free spins. In its regular cash awarding role, the Sai needs to appear between two and five times in random positions, to get you the prizes of 2x to 100x the triggering bet.

Weapons Bonus

This feature will start up only if you meet its minimum requirements, those being the presence of 3+ scattered Sai on the reels. Once the feature starts, you are asked to pick one of three weapons, each one giving you a different free spins feature.

The symbol with the two Sai weapons will give you 10 free spins. The throwing star gets you 14 spins for free, plus the x2 multiplier. The Bow gives you a higher multiplier, x4, but with only 7 free spins. While the free spins are in use, the weapon you chose will replace the other two that you didn’t go for. As for Elektra, she transforms into an expanding wild, which always gives you three wilds at the same time, when at least one of them contributes to a new combination. Retriggering this feature is not possible.


Betting options and jackpots

You get a total of 20 lines in Elektra, each one accepting bets of up to $50, where the 10 coins have denominations of $5. That’s the highest allowed bet though, which takes wagers up to $1,000 per round. Smaller denominations are allowed, with fewer coins usable per line as well if needed.

You can win 5,000x what you invested in a single line, meaning a maximum of 50,000 coins, or $250,000. Marvel offers access to one of four progressive jackpots, through a randomly triggered bonus game, each one at a different value.


Design and symbols

It’s not the best design out there to be honest, especially disappointing since this is created with Marvel’s approval. The symbols look good enough, but I expected more images that were comic book styled, which is not what you get here. The symbols are made for this slot machine specifically, in their own style, instead of giving you the drawings that the original comic book used. If you’re a fan of Elektra you might be disappointed with this part of the game.

Symbols: Elektra (wild), Logo (scatter, 100x the round bet), Bladed Sai (5,000x), Throwing Star (1,000x), Bow and Arrow (1,000x), Armband (500x), Necklace (500x), Ace (200x), King (200x), Queen (150x), Jack (150x), Ten (100x) and Nine (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a great slot to play if you enjoy the work of Marvel’s designers, even with the slot’s graphics not being quite as good as the original is. There are huge prizes offered, access to multiple progressive jackpots and some cool features. All in all, it’s a decent Marvel themed slot.

Elektra, the Comic Book

Going by the name of Elektra Natchios, but usually called just Elektra, she is one of the characters from the comic books released by Marvel, but is not exactly a superhero. Appearing initially as a love interest for a superhero of Marvel’s, Daredevil, she seems to be a bit too much for him, as her mercenary attitude and her violent nature push him away. Movies were made based on her, plus she appeared as a character in a number of other comic books, mostly in a support role.

While she is not a superhero, she does have powers that are above what a regular human can manage, with her physical attributes being impressive. She also relies on her expert martial arts abilities to fight her enemies and she is also expert at using all kinds of weapons. Her favorite weapon is the Sai.

Elektra can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.