Fantastic Four Slots

Fantastic-FourFantastic Four is one of Playtech’s slot machines, and as you might’ve guessed it is based on the popular comic book team with the same name. The heroes are four former astronauts that have gained superpowers while in space. The four of them have different powers, but they use them for the same purpose, to defeat bad guys and save the planet. Playtech seems to treat these slots as it does its other titles, which is a shame, a comic book themed design would’ve been better in this case.

The initial version of Fantastic Four, it comes with 20 paylines, the game being a 5 reel title. As its features, the wild and the scatter are the most visible, but the real treat comes from the free spins and the four different features you can choose from inside, giving you all kinds of wild symbols and multipliers. A $200,000 jackpot is on the line, plus the prize that Marvel offers through its progressive jackpot bonus round.

Features of Fantastic Four

Some of the features provided by Fantastic Four are the same as in other slots, meaning the wild and the scatter symbol, but there are also free spins available which benefit from four different features, the choice of which one is active being left up to the player.

The Fantastic Four Logo gets to act as the substitute whenever it is placed in a position from where it can do something about a new combo, contributing to its formation if possible. The scatter symbol is the one that doesn’t take advantage of this feature, but all the others benefit from it. You will love the wild symbol when you see it, especially when it appears on the same payline, which means that you also get its prizes. The smallest prizes offered are at 40x, for two wilds, while the largest ones are at an impressive 10,000x, when all five are on that line.

Planet Earth is the scatter symbol in Fantastic Four, shown in this image as seen from space. First of all, I’ll mention that it is generous with its prizes. Scattered symbols form combinations without appearing on the same line, which means that their simple presence will be enough to get you 5x to 200x the bet as a prize. Up to five scatters have to make an appearance for that to happen though.


Free Games With Fantastic Features

The same 3+ Planet Earth scatters also get you a round of free spins, not just cash prizes. You get an initial 12 spins for free, plus the choice of one of four features.

Choose Mr. Fantastic, and you will get an additional 4 spins for free and this character as the expanding wild. Going with Invisible Woman also gets you an extra 4 games, plus her appearance will increase the multiplier. The Human Torch option gives you the 4 spins for free, plus this symbol is going to appear more often and act as a wild when it does. The last option is the one offered by The Thing, with an extra 3 spins for free and with his appearance getting you freezing wilds.

Betting options and jackpots

The wagers you place in this game are made on up to 20 bet lines, on which you can use 1 to 10 coins, with the $0.01 to $2 denominations being also choices left up to you. There are line wagers of up to $20 in this game, while the total amount reaches $400.

The 10,000x line bet multiplier puts up to $200,000 in your pocket, but you need to afford using $20 per line first. Since this is a Marvel slot, you also have access to a randomly triggered bonus feature, with four progressive jackpots in it.

Design and symbols

The design in Fantastic Four is modern, visible in the brushed metal playing cards or the uniforms wore by the team. I’m not a fan of the playing cards, as they are too similar and they take over too much of the screen, especially since they’re the low paying cards that get to appear more often. The four progressive jackpots are shown at the top, and they might give you the extra motivation you need to try this slot out, in case the graphics prove to be disappointing.

Symbols: Logo (wild, 10,000x), Earth (scatter, 200x the round bet), Mr. Fantastic (2,000x), Invisible Woman (1,500x), Human Torch (1,000x), The Thing (750x), Ace (250x), King (250x), Queen (150x), Jack (150x), 10 (100x) and 9 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Being a game based on a Marvel comic book, it will have a lot of fans from the get go. If you’re one of them, try it out and see how you like it, especially the free spins and the powerful features offered in them.

Fantastic Four, the Comic Book

Part of comic books released by Marvel, Fantastic Four is the name of a team of superheroes. There are four members in this team, all of them former astronauts that were transformed as a result of exposure to cosmic rays, while in space. The leader of the group is Mr. Fantastic, while the other three are the Human Torch, Invisible Woman and The Thing.

Mr. Fantastic has the power to stretch himself and form all kinds of shapes with his body. The power of invisibility is something reserved for Invisible Woman, to which they’ve later added the force field projection power. Human Torch can fly while surrounding himself in fire, without being hurt by the flames. The Thing has extraordinary power and indestructibility.

The Fantastic Four slot machine is offered through the Playtech platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.