Football Rules Slots

Football-RulesFootball Rules is a game that is themed around one of the most loved sports worldwide, the one called football almost everywhere, except in the United States, where it’s called soccer. It’s a sport that can be quite spectacular, as long as players of the right caliber are playing it, and the action in this game does seem to revolve around world championship level teams. With a stadium being the staging place for the slot’s action, Football Rules doesn’t really teach you about the rules of the sport, so I’m not entirely sure where it gets its name from.

Playtech has used 20 bet lines and the usual 5 reels in Football Rules. There are football themed bonus games, plus scatter symbols and wilds. The progressive jackpot obtained through the Dollar Ball feature is a potential reward, as is the game’s own $100,000.

Features of Football Rules

The combination of features is typical for this developer, with wildcards, scatter symbols and bonus games with free spins being offered.

First, we get the wildcard, as they call it, or a wild symbol as it is called in most slot machines. The wildcard gives us the image of the sports fan, with half his face painted red. It’s the slot’s most valuable symbol, which will reward you with prizes when it forms its own combinations, or it will help out other symbols to do the same thing. Its own payouts go from 10x to 10,000x the wager placed on a single line. While helping out other symbols, it will ignore the ones that have scatter abilities or those that trigger bonus games. All regular symbols will be influenced by its appearance though.

The huge stadium, shown from above, acts as the slot’s scatter feature. Its only role in this case is to be the trigger for cash prizes, but it’s a somewhat disappointing range of payouts. They start at 5x the bet for three scatters, go to 10x for four and only to 50x for five scatters. Even though that’s a multiple to be used with the total bet in mind, not the line bet, other slots from Playtech give you 100x to 500x the bet, so at 50x this is way below average.

Bonus Game

The player holding the World Cup trophy is the bonus game trigger. It appears in scattered positions on two of the five reels, the first and the last ones. The bonus game starts when both reels have one of these bonus symbols. A penalty shot phase begins next, where you pick one of six directions in which the player shoots the ball. The result will be the multiplier that applies to the free spins you get from this feature.


Betting options and jackpots

With a betting range that can be as low as $0.01 or as high as $200, the game is approachable by pretty much everyone, no matter what their budget is. A maximum of 200 coins are selected for each bet, with up to 10 for one line. The individual coin denomination is between $0.01 and $1.

If you get the top jackpot combo, you win 10,000x the bet line wager, so a maximum of $100,000 can be yours. You can also place an extra wager during each round, for the Dollar Ball feature, which also has the potential of triggering a progressive jackpot.

Design and symbols

You’re not going to be impressed with the design of Football Rules, but there is no danger of you not knowing what it’s about either. The reels are colored as strips of grass on a football field, while the symbols are either the player’s jerseys or pictures with stadiums, footballs or real photos of the goalkeeper and the referee. The mix of symbols and background images don’t mesh well together, they just seem to be slapped together without any real thought put into it, so I for one haven’t enjoyed the experience from this point of view.

Symbols: Supporter (wild, 10,000x), Stadium (scatter, 50x the bet), Player With Trophy (bonus), Goalkeeper (1,000x), Referee (500x), Football (400x), #10 Jersey (300x), #1 Jersey (250x), #11 Jersey (200x), #2 Jersey (150x) and #7 Jersey (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The action available in Football Rules might be just the thing for a true fan of the sport, and there are a lot of them out there. Everyone else can keep looking, there are games just as good as this one, but with themes that they will enjoy and understand.

The Football Rules slot machine is offered through the Playtech platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.