Geisha Story Slots

Geisha-StoryGeisha Story does indeed feel like it’s a game with a real story behind it, with characters and gorgeous images of Japanese origin being used everywhere in it. Playtech has taken some of the most well known things about this country and they’ve made them into beautiful symbols that will reward you with prizes. The famous cherry trees blossoming are at the center of the design, their pink color influencing the slot’s look. The drawing style is the kind you would normally see in anime movies. The theme is hardly original though, both the Japanese and the Geisha themes being approached plenty of times before, by quite a few developers.

A 5 reel slot machine, Geisha Story presents the player with a maximum of 15 paylines on which combinations can be formed. The progressive jackpot it brings along is one good reason to try it out, but it also has its own impressive payouts of up to $100,000, plus it gives you access to scatter symbols, bonus games with multipliers of up to x10 and free spins, not to mention the wild.

Features of Geisha Story

The features of Geisha Story are largely the same as in every other slot machine. You will discover that they use wildcards, scatter symbols and bonus games. The free spins and the multipliers are offered by the bonus game.

The wildcard is one of the easiest ways to make money in a game, as while it can form its own combinations (the best paying of the game actually), the wild can also assist you with the formation of combinations with other symbols. For that to happen, the wildcard is required to appear on a payline where other symbols are present already, all of them of the same type. The wild will take the same role as those symbols, so that a combo can be formed (or improved). As I’ve mentioned, the wild is also capable of giving away its own prizes, the value reaching up to 10,000x the line bet.


The scatter symbol is another big part of a game like this, though in Geisha Story it will only give away prizes, nothing more. Its reward is worth up to 50 times the bet you’ve used during the last spin, with the symbols that have to appear being in random positions on the reels (a scatter symbol doesn’t form regular combinations).

Bonus Game

A second scatter symbol exists here, but it doesn’t give away prizes directly and it can only appear on reels 1 and 5. Get it on those two reels at the same time, and you will enter the bonus game. It’s a simple bonus round, where you have to pick hand fans and in return you are offered free games and multipliers of up to x10.


Betting options and jackpots

The wagers you decide to place in Geisha Story will be on 1 to 15 paylines, with bets for those lines consisting in up to 10 coins. As for the value of those coins, they can be at $0.01 when they’re lowest, or at $1 at their highest. The resulting line bet is up to $10, with the total bet going up to $150.

There are prizes that the game gives out directly, which multiply the line bet by up to 10,000x. It gives the player a chance at prizes of up to $100,000, provided that the bet was high enough.

You get a chance to win a Dollar Ball progressive jackpot, which needs to be activated separately. You place a $1 bet on it and you have a chance to win a lottery style bonus game, which gives you a prize depending on how many numbers you get right.

Design and symbols

There is a lot of pink and intricate details built into every single area of Geisha Story. It has one of the best looking designs I’ve seen so far, at least when it comes to slot machines with a similar theme. The cherry blossoms that so many people travel to Japan for can be enjoyed in the game, a big reason why there is so much pink used in the design. The cherry blossoms are at the top of the screen mostly, with symbols also having them. The rest of the images are with anime style characters or with beautiful objects of Japanese origin.

Symbols: Samurai (wild, 10,000x), Geisha (bonus), Samurai Master (scatter, 50x the bet), Goldfish (750x), Japanese Gate (500x), Cherry Blossoms (400x), Bonsai Tree (300x), Hand Fan (250x), Wooden Shoes (200x), Porcelain Teapot (150x) and Umbrella (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say so, as both the features and the prizes offered inside are way above average. You can take home up to $100,000 from its regular combinations, and that’s without taking into account the multipliers that can go up to 10x during free spins. The graphics are also quite good, the cherry blossom motif being helpful in that area.

You will find Geisha Story at any online casino which chooses to use software from Playtech, playable either for free or for real money.