Gold Rally Slots

Gold-RallyGold Rally’s action revolves around a team of miners looking for gold, the action taking place in an underground mine. You can see them in their gold cart, speeding down into the depths of the mine, and I assume that is the rally the title mentions. The symbols are all built around the idea of mining for gold, presenting you with the objects used by the characters. It’s an older looking game, but definitely better than your typical 3 reel slot machine. The presence of both horizontal and vertical bet lines allows the slot to offer as many of them as there are, all crammed on the same 3 reels.

A 3 reel slot machine, Gold Rally has a maximum of 8 paylines to offer, which is possible only because it places them both in vertical and horizontal mode. A bonus game and a scatter symbol are the two features you can take advantage of inside, with a progressive jackpot being the biggest available prize, capable of making the slot’s players millionaires.

Features of Gold Rally

You get a few more features in Gold Rally than you can generally expect from a slot machine that was designed with the classic 3 reels at the basis. A scatter symbol would be the first one, while the bonus game is the second.

The scatter symbol does offer prizes in this slot, but they don’t seem to be multiples of the total bet, like they are in other slot machines. They are also capable of appearing multiple times on each reel, so you can get up to 9 scatter symbols on the screen at the same time. If it does occupy all the positions on the screen, you win the progressive jackpot. With 8 or fewer positions occupied, you win one of the regular prizes, from 5 to 200x being awarded. The minimum number of scatter symbols required is 5, to get the smallest prize.

Bonus Game

The bonus game is the second feature of Gold Rally. The dynamite sticks have to appear in the four corners of the screen, during the same spin, in order for this bonus game to start up. The same dynamite sticks act as regular symbols the rest of the time, giving away prizes by forming regular combinations.


You make things go boom in the round that comes next, with prizes awarded in each case. When you get the “You Win” message, the round ends.


Betting options and jackpots

Gold Rally is a game that requires average wagers, with the fixed line bets of $2 meaning total bets of up to $16.

In exchange for that kind of bet, you can dream about getting the 500 coins that the slot has to give directly, meaning up to $1,000, or you can put the target a bit higher and aim for the progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot can be quite valuable, the values at which it was won in the past varying between $117,620 and $6,347,118. The average value of the jackpot is at $848,475, taking into account all the times it was won in the past.

Design and symbols

While the design is not new, it does look OK if you compare it with other 3 reel slot machines. The gold mine is visible in the background, with a crew of three miners riding down into the mine, in a mining cart that seems to be out of control. The reels are placed on the left side of the screen, with the 3×3 layout allowing for paylines to form both horizontally and vertically.


Symbols: Scales (scatter, progressive jackpot), Dynamite (bonus, 10 coins), Logo (500 coins), Horseshoe (200 coins), Pickaxe (100 coins), Lantern (75 coins), Six Shooter (50 coins), Mine Cart (40 coins) and Bag of Gold (30 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s not difficult to answer that question, not in a slot that asks of wagers of $16 and can give you a few million dollars in return. The design might not be that great, but that’s because it was created a long time ago, so it had plenty of time to make a number of people rich already.

This Gold Rally slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.