Ocean Princess Slots

Ocean-PrincessIn Ocean Princess, you will discover a somewhat older game, with a huge number of reels, though they look just like a classic in that regard, with a 3×5 layout being used. You’re going to find a theme inside that is based on the idea of the princess of the oceans, the origins being presumably from Atlantis, the long lost city. The blonde princess is shown in the logo directly. The game’s theme is not its best feature though, as the way it works is quirky enough to warrant a bit more attention from players that are bored with most slots launched these days.

One of the more original slots you will find, Ocean Princess has 15 reels, but only 5 paylines on them. The Hold option is by far the most important feature of the game, followed by the wild symbol. Its best prizes will get you up to $25,000.

Features of Ocean Princess

If you’re looking for classic features, the kind that every slot machine has these days, you’re only going to find the wild. The part that is much more important in the game is the Hold feature though, which manages to change the experience completely.

The Hold button is visible at the bottom of each of the three columns of reels. As the game starts, only the three bottom reels show you a symbol, which you can then choose to Hold in place. If you do use the Hold button, all the reels in that particular column will show the same identical symbol. You can use the Hold option to increase your chances of forming a combination, but it depends on what kind of symbols you get in the first phase. The best situation is when the bottom payline holds identical symbols (or a mix with wilds), since holding all three will get you five identical paylines, all with the same prize.

The wild symbol is the only feature that the game has, the one that substitutes for others. It’s represented by the king’s crown, a good choice in this case. The wild symbol is especially a good idea in this game, where you can use the Hold option on it when it appears, replicating it on all five paylines in the same position.

Betting options and jackpots

Since there are only 5 paylines, the game doesn’t use that many coins total, only 5 per line being allowed, but its total wagers still seem to make it an expensive choice at the highest setting. The line bet goes up to $25, with 5 coins of $5 used, while the total bet is at $125. The lowest denomination is only $0.01 though, so even penny slot players can try it out.

A 1,000x jackpot is the biggest prize of the game, meaning 5,000 coins or $25,000 total. It might not sound like much, but keep in mind that with the Hold feature you could have five paylines filled with wilds, so you can get five times that amount in one spin.

Design and symbols

The marine theme of Ocean Princess is unmistakable, with an all blue background image, with an underwater city visible behind the princess and with all sorts of cute creatures of the sea used for its symbols. Other than that, it pretty much looks like a classic title, with buttons you can push at the bottom, with the outside area visible as well, including some green curtains placed on both sides. You’re not going to be impressed by this part of the game, but this isn’t the main attraction anyway.


Symbols: Crown (wild, 1,000x), Red Starfish (125x), Gold Starfish (100x), Green Starfish (75x), Red Crab (50x), Gold Crab (35x), Green Crab (20x), Red Seahorse (30x), Gold Seahorse (20x), Green Seahorse (10x), Red Anchor (15x), Gold Anchor (10x), Green Anchor (5x) and Sea Turtle (5x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If the design is important to you, you might want to skip this game, but in every other area I would say it does well enough. Its features are not entirely unique, but there aren’t a lot of games that use the Hold option and you should take advantage of it when you find it.

This Ocean Princess slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.