Shopping Spree Slots

Shopping-SpreeShopping Spree is a game that is addressed to women, dealing with shopping as you might imagine, with diamonds, make-up, perfume and quite a few other things that women tend to shop more than men do. This is the female version for Mid-Life Crisis, a game that offered a red sports car as a top prize. In this case, the prize is a shopping spree, but I’ll give you more details on that below. The game looks just as dated as its male centered counterpart, which is unfortunate since it’s quite unique otherwise.

The 5 reels of this game are occupied by only 9 paylines. Scatter symbols are the main features available, while the top jackpot is a shopping spree in New York, worth about $100,000 (or you can choose the progressive jackpot, which tends to be considerably more valuable). That’s the kind of prize that even men could get behind, as long as they can choose manly stuff to buy with this shopping spree.

Features of Shopping Spree

The features of the game consist mostly of scatter symbols. You get two types here, each one with its own type of prize.

The first of the scatter symbols is the Dollar Sign. Whenever you get three of these symbols, anywhere on the screen, they will award a payout that goes up to 360 credits. In order to get that payout, the player has to use the maximum bet possible in the game for that round.

Second on the feature list is a shopping bag that has the words “Mystery Grab Bag” written on it. It doesn’t matter what kind of wager you’ve made that round, or how many paylines were active, you can collect them when they appear. You need at least three to be present. Inside the bonus game that follows, you are asked to click on question mark signs and each time you win a prize. The payouts offered are multiples of the total bet. The round ends when the Collect symbol is found. The most you can get out of this bonus game is 4,000 credits.


Betting options and jackpots

With just 9 paylines available, you’re not going to be able to spend a large amount of money in Shopping Spree. The largest wager is at $11.25, where each of the 9 paylines would receive 5 coins that have a $0.25 denomination. The coin value is fixed, but you can change how many of them are used and how many lines are active.

The shopping spree worth $100,000 sounds like a great deal already, but the truth is that it’s not the option you should be going after. You have a choice between the shopping spree and the progressive jackpot value. That progressive jackpot will often go over $1 million in value, so it’s a pretty bad deal if the shopping spree is your choice. Anyway, this is a game with prizes that can award over $1 million! That’s the part you should be focusing on.


Design and symbols

You’re not going to be impressed with the slot’s design, but then again it has prizes that can make up for pretty much anything. The shopping theme is visible everywhere, with the background image being filled with dollar signs, with the logo sparkling like jewelry and with the symbols all being money or shopping related.

Symbols: Diamond Ring (progressive jackpot), Dollar Sign (scatter), Shopping Bag (scatter), Pearl Necklace (3,200x) and Black Shoes (1,500x).


Is It Worth Playing?

When you’re dealing with slots that offer over $1 million dollars and only ask for $11.25 in return, the answer can only be a resounding Yes! The vintage graphics and the lack of features might be downsides for a lot of players, but I can put up with that if I get a chance at a real prize.

The Shopping Spree slot machine is offered through the RTG platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.