The Shark Slots

The-SharkA penny slot machine that is accessible to everyone, The Shark is designed by RTG and it has as a focus for its theme the shark and many of the other creatures of the ocean. The game takes this fierce predator and makes him a cute addition to the game, a gambler that tries to take advantage of the weaker creatures that are in it. Though the action seems to take place at the bottom of the ocean, in some cases the characters give you the impression that they’re in a casino.

The Shark’s 5 reels have only up to 9 paylines available on them, plus a generous progressive jackpot, while its own payouts are not even worth talking about. There aren’t that many features inside either, with just scatter symbols being present on the paytable.

Features of The Shark

The scatter symbol and the bonus game are the two features that The Shark includes for its pickier players. Neither will make you rich, so your best bet remains the progressive jackpot.

The Sunken Treasure requires you to collect three Treasure Chest symbols when they appear on the screen, during the same round. These scatters can appear in any position, which is a good thing since you don’t have to align them on a payline. One of the collected treasure chests will then open and you will receive the bonus prize it contains. The exact amount depends on how much you’ve used in your bet, but the maximum offered is 495 credits.

The Shark Bonus Round is the second and last feature of the game. You will receive up to 2,700 credits from it, as long as you’ve used the maximum bet. You need three Shark symbols on the screen for this to happen, as they give you access to the bonus game with an exclusive card game inside. In the bonus game, you are asked to guess whether the next card is lower or higher than the one you’re currently holding. Guess correctly three times in a row and you get the big prize.


Betting options and jackpots

The bet size is both the strength and the weakness of this slot. It requires very little of you, up to $0.45 for all the reels, but it also means that the payouts are not impressive. On the other hand, you get a chance at a progressive jackpot with a very small amount invested, so that’s a plus in its favor. The bet is comprised of 45 coins at $0.01 each, with 5 coins used for each line.

The maximum game jackpot is worth 1800x, so up to 9,000 coins or $90. The progressive jackpot can give you a five figure payout, and that’s definitely worth pursuing since the bet is at less than half a dollar.


Design and symbols

The Shark doesn’t come with a great design, just like it doesn’t offer big prizes through its regular combinations of symbols. Though a small wager and a big progressive jackpot make up for a lot of things, I wish they didn’t rely on them so much. I’m saying this because it has a dated design, with crude drawings of the sharks and other creatures of the sea.

Symbols: Shark (scatter), Treasure Chest (scatter), Starfish (progressive jackpot), Seahorse Cocktail Waitress (1,225x), Clam, Fish, Octopus.


Is It Worth Playing?

If you were to look just at the design and the regular prizes, the answer would be no. It’s amazing what a big progressive jackpot and a very low betting requirement can do to one’s motivation though.

The Shark can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.