Triple 7s Inferno Slots

Triple-7s-InfernoTriple 7’s gives its players a fire theme on a classic slot setup. This title was created by developers from RTG and besides being a classic game with symbols that were found on pub slots back in the day, it’s also a game with a bit of a fire theme. They don’t make much of an effort to make this a game that stands out, but if you’re a fan of simple slot machines, it could be a good one.

The 1 payline offered in Triple 7s Inferno is placed on a classic 3 reels. You will not find any kind of feature in the game, which is normal for a title that stays as close to old pub slots as possible. Its prizes tend to be quite good, though at $5,000 you will not get rich with its top jackpot.

Features of Triple 7s Inferno

One of the characteristics of a slot machine with a classic theme is that it doesn’t have any features, not if it wants to remain a simple game. The only thing I’d recommend with these games is to use the maximum number of three coins, as it tends to give you better payouts. In the case of this slot, a one coin wager doesn’t give you access to the top jackpot prize.

Betting options and jackpots

You get to place wagers of 1 to 3 coins, though you should use at least two at all times. The best payout per coin used is for 3 coin wagers. The coin denomination is $0.05 to $5, so the maximum bet is at $15.

The use of 3 coins, with the right combination on the reels, will get you 1,000 coins, or $5,000. There are no progressive jackpots here.

Design and symbols

The design is as simple as the rest of the game. It looks like a pub slot, and you even get the handle that you used to pull to get the spins started. A simple Spin Reel button is used these days, so the handle is for decorative purposes only. The design does use the fire theme a bit, mostly in the background though. You can see the flames both behind the slot’s reels and behind the paytable (which is transparent, so it borrows the color of the flames).

Symbols: Fireball (1,000 coins), Red 7 (300 coins), Triple Bar (60 coins), Double Bar (40 coins), Single Bar (20 coins), Mixed Bars (10 coins) and Blanks (2 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game manages to achieve nearly perfect blandness and it’s as much a classic as the next slot. It doesn’t stand out and it doesn’t impress, but if you enjoy your games as simple as possible, it could be a good choice.

The Triple 7s Inferno slot machine is offered through the RTG platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.