20,000 Leagues Slots

20000-Leagues20,000 Leagues is one of the slot machines created by Wager Gaming and it is themed around one of Jules Verne’s most popular books. It is called Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and it’s considered a classic, published for the first time in 1870 and covering the adventures of Captain Nemo, Pierre Aronnax (the professor which tells the story) and the submarine Nautilus. It’s considered a science fiction book, but a surprisingly good one, where Jules Verne got a lot of things right about the future of submarines.

This is a pretty typical game, giving you a combination of 5 reels & 25 lines to work with. As the best features available you will discover its free spins with multipliers, or the two wild symbols. The jackpot’s value reaches $50,000.

Features of 20,000 Leagues

The wild symbols are definitely the stars in 20,000 Leagues, especially since there are two of them and together they also give you the free spins and their multipliers.

The first of the two wild symbols is represented by Nautilus itself, the submarine that Captain Nemo uses. This particular symbol is reserved for four of the five reels, the only one where it doesn’t appear being the 3rd reel. As a wild symbol, Nautilus is able to substitute for any other symbol, with the exception of the second wild. None of the two wilds offers a direct prize, but often enough they will help you out with other combinations.


The appearance of the 20,000 Leagues Logo on the 3rd reel means that you just got the second type of wild that can be present in the game. It works exactly like the other wild, no differences here. The only explanation for its presence is that the developers wanted to make it a little bit harder for the free spins to start up.

Free Games Feature

In order to start these free spins, you need the two types of wild symbols to be present at the same time on the screen. You take the 3rd reel wild, which has the Logo on it, and then you multiply the number of Nautilus wilds by 10, to get the total number of free spins. If you have two Nautilus wilds and one Logo wild, you receive 20 free spins, to give you a quick example.

What’s great about it is that you also get a multiplier, the game doubling all prizes during the free spins feature. You can also retrigger this particular feature, with the same combination of 1 to 4 Nautilus wilds and one Logo wild.

Betting options and jackpots

You are allowed to select a single coin per active line, meaning that up to 25 coins may be used in 20,000 Leagues. These coins have values that you pick, though the ranges are the ones allowed by the developer, between $0.01 and $10. You can increase the bet’s value up to $250.

You can take home up to 5,000 coins from this game, so that would mean up to $50,000 cash. Captain Nemo is the one that forms the top jackpot combination with five symbols.

Design and symbols

Since this is a submarine themed slot machine, what you see behind the reels is the bottom of the sea, with the yellow Nautilus exploring away. It seems it’s after some long lost treasures, as you can also see a couple of half buried treasure chests, with overflowing jewelry coming out of them. The graphics have a certain retro feel to them, which I enjoyed for the most part, but the playing cards don’t contribute to it at all. They’ve simply used stock icons there, and this game definitely deserved a lot more effort.

Symbols: Nautilus (wild), Logo (wild), Captain Nemo (5,000 coins), Deep Sea Diver (2,000 coins), Shark (1,000 coins), Treasure Chest (1,000 coins), Ace (500 coins), King (500 coins), Queen (200 coins), Jack (200 coins), 10 (150 coins) and 9 (150 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

Though it’s got its weak spots, the design is one of my favorite things about this slot machine. It also has good payouts and multiple wilds, giving you even access to free spins when they appear in the right formation.

You will find 20,000 Leagues at any online casino which chooses to use software from Wager Gaming, playable either for free or for real money.