Star Trek Episode 1 – Red Alert Slots

Star-Trek-Episode-1-Red-AlertWMS offers a Star Trek themed series which has a total of four episodes/slot machines in it. Red Alert is just the first slot in the series, and from here you can advance to the next ones by triggering the bonus game a number of times and collecting medals. Once you advance in rank, you can play the next game. The theme is inspired by the original Star Trek series, so the characters you will see on the reels include Captain Kirk, Spock and other actors from the same 70s TV show.

Trekies that give this game a chance will discover that it has 25 paylines and some very interesting features, including bonus games, randomly triggered events, scatters and wilds. The top prize will give you $4,500.

Features of Star Trek Episode 1 – Red Alert

Wilds and scatters are the most important feature symbols in Red Alert, with the bonus game and its free spins being a lot of fun when triggered.

First of all, the wild feature gets the Star Trek Logo to represent it. When a wild is in the right place at the right time, you can expect it to try and assist you in forming new combinations, and often enough it will succeed at bringing you a prize which wasn’t possible without it. The Feature symbol is the only one that the wild can’t substitute for.

Red Alert Feature

To get into Red Alert mode, you need the Feature scatter in three or more positions at the same time. You also get a prize for four or five scatters, but there is nothing extraordinary about it (it’s at 5x or 50x the bet).

Whenever the Red Alert Feature is activated, you gain one medal which you collect and it helps you advance in rank.


The feature consists in free spins, and while you play them you have five shields to protect your ship. Each time you get a spin without a win in it, one of the shields gets hit and you lose one life basically. As for the winning spins, they get multipliers of 2x to 15x. Shields can be replenished along the way and you can also get extra medals to help you advance.

The Win Warp feature is also valuable, because it triggers one of four random features. You can get the Rock Creature (3x to 10x multipliers for a random wild), the Enterprise Fly-By (1 to 6 valuable symbols turned by the ship at random), Spock Multiplier (3x to 10x multipliers for the wins) and Scotty’s Wild Reel (one or two reels become wild).

Betting options and jackpots

There are two components to the bets in Red Alert. You have the line bets first, using 25 coins for 25 lines. The feature bet is second, using 10 coins and giving you access to the four randomly triggered types of events. Each coin has a maximum value of $3, so the bets go as high as $105.

The biggest wins you can expect are at 1,500 coins, which would bring you up to $4,500 cash.

Design and symbols

If you’re a fan of the Trek universe, you will be satisfied with what you’re seeing in this slot machine. The design is inspired by the classic Star Trek series, so you have the original characters from it appear among the symbols. The stars are shown behind the reels, while on them there are actors, ships and objects like the phasers, tricorders and communication devices.


Symbols: Star Trek Logo (wild), Feature Logo (scatter, 50x total bet), Communication Badges (1,500 coins), Cpt. Kirk (1,000 coins), Spock (500 coins), Scotty (400 coins), Klingon (250 coins), Bird of Prey (200 coins), Tricoder (125 coins), Communicator (100 coins) and Phaser (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

I like what WMS did with this theme, and if you want to try the games out as well you will have to start with the first one from the series, with Red Alert.

Star Trek Episode 1 – Red Alert can be found at any WMS casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.