The Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers Slots

The-Wizard-of-Oz-Ruby-SlippersThis slot machine, which is based on The Wizard of Oz, is called Ruby Slippers and it’s one of the three games which have the same theme and inspiration coming from the 1939 adaptation of the novel written by L. Frank Baum. Just like before, you get to see slightly cartoonish photos of the main characters and actors from the film, starting with Dorothy and continuing with her companions. The designer is the same one, and it’s called WMS. The design is different though, even with the same characters being present on some of the symbols.

A 30 payline game, it offers the same theme as the other slots from the series and the same 5 reels. The features are mostly different, though you still get wilds and scatters from it. A bonus game with high multipliers is also offered. The top jackpot won inside is at $24,000.

Features of The Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers

The features of Ruby Slippers start with the wild symbol and its prizes, and then you also get a scatter symbol and the feature it has for you.

Rather than tell you the symbols that the wild can’t substitute for, the paytable will tell you the ones that it works with, and it’s a longer list, with eight symbols on it. The Jackpot icon doesn’t seem to be among them though, and the same goes for the scatter. Wilds are capable of offering prizes on their own, but they’re not going to be the biggest ones possible.

Among the features of this slot you’re going to find all kinds of options, starting with free spins, continuing with classic bonus games where you have to pick things, then randomly triggered wild reels or even re-spins.

Ruby Slippers Feature

The main feature would probably be the one where Glinda appears, as you get a feature with up to five wild reels. A multiplier will be triggered next, and it goes as high as 10x.

Betting options and jackpots

Each coin you wager has a minimum value of $0.01, so it’s easily accessible, but it can go up to $2 if needed. The game’s bets go as high as $60, when all the lines get the biggest wager.

Rewards of up to 12,000 coins are on the line, with a value of $24,000 being the best one that is offered.

Design and symbols

There is more emphasis on the reels in the design of Ruby Slippers than it was in the previous game of the series, and they seem longer thanks to the thick green borders that are used on both sides of its reel, so they appear doubled between them. The symbols are a mix of images that were used before as well, and some that are new in this game.


Symbols: Game Logo (wild, 1,000 coins), Wizard (scatter), Jackpot Logo (12,000 coins), Dorothy and Companions (750 coins), Good Witch (500 coins), Toto the Dog (150 coins), Bad Witch (150 coins), Apple (100 coins), Basket (100 coins), Lollipop (80 coins) and Hourglass (80 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The entire series of slots based on The Wizard of Oz deserves a chance if you’re a fan, so I suggest you give this one a shot as well, just like I said about the previous title.

The Wizard of Oz Film, Released in 1939

The movie based on which this slot was developed is called The Wizard on Oz, so it wasn’t the 1900 novel that was at the basis of this story. The movie was released in Technicolor, it had Judy Garland in the main role, and even though at the time it wasn’t a big success, these days it’s considered a great movie and one of the most viewed of all times.

The Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers slot machine is offered through the WMS platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.