• Cryptologic Slots

Cryptologic Slots

Cryptologic used to be a leading software development company in the internet gambling industry ever since the very beginnings in the mid-nineties. Aside from slots, the company produced classic table games, video poker games, scratch cards and even unique specialty games.

The key to Cryptologic’s success was to remain true to the values on which the company was built: leadership, innovation and trust. Unfortunately, this didn’t save Cryptologic from being purchased by Amaya Gaming in 2012.

In the end, this unfortunate chain of events led to Cryptologic’s decline, which culminated in the sale of its B2C subsidiary, WagerLogic, in 2014.

Cryptologic Online and Land-based Slots

Cryptologic always focused on its online slots, so it should come as no surprise that the company never really attempted designing slot machines for brick and mortar gambling establishments. The early Cryptologic slots required the players to commit to a download, which was fairly standard back in the nineties and early noughties.

Fortunately, the modern slots that were designed later on followed the latest software trends and were completely browser-based, which allowed the players to avoid downloading specialized casino applications and which made the games easy to integrate with third party casino platforms.

It’s also worth pointing out that Cryptologic did an excellent job in terms of optimizing most of its no-download slots, which made them compatible with a wide range of desktop computers and mobile devices.

Cryptologic stopped offering its products to US-facing companies due to the strict anti-gambling regulations imposed by the federal government in 2006. All in all, the company published over 200 downloadable slots and over 60 browser-based games.

Cryptologic Slot Game Reviews

Cryptologic used to be one of the most productive companies in the industry, so the fans of its slots had plenty of diverse titles to pick from. Some of those games were lighthearted and cheerful, while other were somewhat dark or based on popular movie franchises, video games and comic books.

Cryptologic used to be the only slot manufacturer that managed to obtain a license allowing it to develop Marvel-themed slots, but it’s worth remembering that Playtech signed a similar agreement a few years later. Other than that, Cryptologic had a well-developed network of progressive jackpot slots.

Cryptologic games used to have an edge over the slots released by most of the other iGaming companies in terms of production values, but since the company has been absorbed by Amaya in 2012 even its final products are beginning to show some signs of aging.


Reception by Players

Cryptologic slots used to be extremely popular and were available in multiple casinos all around the globe. Most players were simply impressed with the amazing visuals and smooth gameplay, but since the company disappeared off the market the other software developers didn’t take long to start publishing games that were simply more advanced than the Cryptologic products. Nowadays Cryptologic games are still easy to find on high-profile casino sites and even though most of them are still perfectly playable, the traffic statistics simply reflect the fact that casino enthusiasts have plenty of better alternatives.

Most Popular Cryptologic Slots

Cryptologic released plenty of memorable slots that are still worth checking out. If you’re looking for branded games, you should definitely try Thor, Batman, Call of Duty, Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine and X-Men. If you prefer progressive jackpot slots, then you might want to check out the Avengers, Millionaires Club, Triple Olives or Rags to Riches.

Company History

Cryptologic was founded by brothers Andrew and Mark Rivkin in 1995. Initially, the company was based in Toronto, Canada, but the headquarters has since then been moved to Dublin, Ireland. The company handled its B2C operations through a subsidiary called WagerLogic, which was responsible for software licensing, support services and payment processing.

Cryptologic launched its first iGaming site, InterCasino, in 1996. This site was later joined a sister bingo service and poker network. The company was listed on Toronto Stock Exchange in 1998 and on NASDAQ in 2000. With Lewis Rose becoming the Cryptologic CEO in 2002, the company’s market capitalization grew from about $100 million to more than $400 million.

Unfortunately, Cryptologic’s financial situation began to decline in the early noughties and the company recorded a total net loss of $2.2 million throughout the first quarter of 2011. As a result, the company was purchased by Amaya Gaming for $35.8 million in 2012. In 2014, Amaya sold WagerLogic along with Cryptologic’s iGaming sites to Goldstar Acquistionco Inc in a $70 million deal.

Outlook and Latest Developments

Despite the popularity of Cryptologic slots and table games, many people wonder whether the company has any future at all. While there’s no denying the fact that Cryptologic’s financial situation stabilized thanks to Amaya, the company had to give up all of its iGaming sites, including the iconic InterCasino.

On a brighter note, it seems highly unlikely that Amaya will give up on the Cryptologic brand, as it’s fairly obvious that Cryptologic still has plenty of dedicated fans in Europe, Canada and even Asia.