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Slot Machine Revenue Shows Increase for Wynn Resorts

wynn resortsThese past few months have seen an increase in earnings by various casinos owned by Wynn Resorts. One of the main reasons for the growth is the increased interest in new slots games. With skill-based slot machines soon arriving in many resorts across the US, slots interest seems to be on the rise. This past year the overall win rate grew by about 3% for slot games in Nevada.

Currently, slot machines account for over 10% of Wynn’s total stock value. Slot revenues have grown annually by 6% within Las Vegas alone, over the past five years. A total of $186 million was made by Wynn Resort’s slot machines during 2015. The average slot win per day is also increasing at a rate of 15% annually.

Today, Wynn Resorts has roughly 1860 slots at its Las Vegas casinos, and there are plans in place for another 3000 slots at the Everett casino. This should effectively triple annual slots revenue and push it past the $600 million mark over the coming years.

Many players are starting to lose interest in fully chance-based games such as baccarat and other table games. This drives interest to other options, such as the soon to be released skill-based slots.

With the addition of the Everett casino, Wynn’s slot capacity is expected to increase greatly. This casino is in a prime location just outside of Boston, the largest city in Massachusetts. With the average Massachusetts citizen earning over $8,000 above the average US citizen there is no better place for a new casino.

According to IBISWorld, the US economy is also growing as a whole and individuals are finding that they have more disposable income left over. Ultimately this will increase the overall demand for casinos.

In Macau slot revenues account for roughly 14% of the market. The Macau Wynn resort has almost 700 slots and is generating $265 million per year. This is projected to increase to $400 million over the next few years, and it is completely possible that total slots revenue for Wynn Resorts will pass the $1 billion mark over the next ten years.

While we can’t be certain of the exact numbers, the trend, as shown here by Wynn Resorts clearly shows that slots are on the rise. This will only increase once new skill-based slot machines are available for use on the market.

Image source: en.wikipedia.org