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  • NYX and Golden Nugget Casino Agreement Opens the Way for New Online Slots Games in New Jersey

NYX and Golden Nugget Casino Agreement Opens the Way for New Online Slots Games in New Jersey

NYX-GoldenNuggetACA recent agreement between NYX and Golden Nugget Casino has made it possible for the casino to offer games with NexGen gaming, which operate on the NYX open platform system.

This new platform was just released last month, and its games have already proven successful. According to Golden Nugget Casino Vice President Thomas Winter, “we couldn’t have hoped for a more enthusiastic welcome from our loyal online players, which is the best measurement of the success of this new partnership between NYX and Golden Nugget.” This was a statement that he made during a press release from NYX gaming in which he explained how excited he was about the success during the first months of the launch.

Over 19 new slots style games have been released through Golden Nugget online, and many players are already enjoying them. Some of the top games are Guerrilla Go Wild, Maryland’s Millions, Jackhammer, Fruit Shop, and Miss Midas.

NYX plans on releasing more games over the coming months that Golden Nugget will be able to add to their online site. These new titles will be aimed at both mobile and desktop customers in an effort to appeal to a variety of different people.

The NYX open platform system is currently one of the best gaming softwares available, and it allows operators a multitude of options in building games. Matt Davey, CEO of NYX Gaming group, explained in a company announcement that their open platform system “is one of the world’s most flexible and open platforms in the gaming industry, enabling our gaming operators the freedom to deliver best-of-breed experiences to their players.”

They can also pick up top title slots games such as those made by High5 and NetEnt. Games like the Amulet Charm, Golden Night, Dazzle Me, and Crusade of Fortune are likely possibilities.

Golden Nugget casino has shown that there is a demand for online slots games, and the NYX gaming group plans to be the one providing all the best games over the coming years.

Image source: casinorelease.com