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  • Detroit Woman Wins Over $2 Million On Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine

Detroit Woman Wins Over $2 Million On Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine

greektown-casinoThis past Sunday one Detroit casino visitor received a nice Christmas bonus of $2 million from a Wheel of Fortune slot machine in the Greektown Casino. This woman (she wished to remain anonymous) took home the largest progressive jackpot win in Detroit history. The Greektown Casino was also the previous highest payout location as well, with a $1.77 million win from another nearby nickel Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

According to the winner, who said she gambles exclusively at Greektown, she actually thought she had broken the machine at first.

“I saw the winning combination come across the line and the machine went dark,” she said. “I thought, I just killed the machine. The machine then lit back up and revealed I had won over $2 million and I thought, wow, I really did kill it!”

The winner’s daughter said that it was wonderful that her mother won this jackpot. She says her mother “has done without in her life, to take care of others.” Now she will finally have a chance to treat herself to something nice.

The exact amount won was $2,005,393. Plenty of money to spend some on herself, and share some with friends.

“I’d like to treat myself to a new dress,” the winner said. “Then we are going to go to Disney World and take a nice trip to Cabo.”

Over the past few months, there have been a good amount of wins coming from Wheel of Fortune slot machines across the country. So if your casino circuit doesn’t include giving one a spin, it might be time to give it a shot. You just might get lucky and walk home a millionaire. This weekend, at least one woman did.

Image source: flickr.com