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Slot Game Bonus Symbols

As there may be a chance that you are going to be playing slot games for the very first time online, we have put together a very large range of slot game guides throughout this website. Please do take a look through as many of them as you can do, for you will find out […]

Multi Stage Slot Game Bonus Rounds

You are always going to be looking for the most exciting slot games to play online, and also slots on which some fairly large amounts of cash can be won. With this in mind we would like you to consider playing some of the many video slot games which are available online in large numbers […]

Microgaming Slot Game Variance Explained

As there are currently hundreds of slot games on offer at casino sites using the Microgaming software platforms, that does of course mean you will always be spoilt for choice in regards to the types and categories of slots you can play at those online casinos. However, one aspect to you selecting a range of […]

Randomly Awarded Bonus Games

Triggering any slot games bonus feature round is going to always give you something of an additional and exciting aspect to playing a slot, as you will often find those bonus games can be high paying ones. However, with most slot games requiring players to spin in a certain number of scatter symbols or to […]

Auto Play Slot Game Option Settings

Part of the thrill and excitement of playing any slot game online is clicking on the spin button to send the reels spinning then watching as each of the slot games reels you are playing then slowly come to a stop. Depending on which type of slot you are playing you could simply spin in […]

Instant Play Microgaming Software Platform

When you choose to play Microgaming designed online casino games, you are going to have a number of different options available to you in regards to how you can access and then play those games. Microgaming have a downloadable gaming platform a couple of different mobile gaming platforms which can be accessed on any type […]

Microgaming Downloadable Gaming Platform

When you choose to play slot games online you will have plenty of choice in regards to which slot game you can access and play and just how you will be accessing those games. There are a very large range of different gaming platforms which have been supplied by many different software companies, and as […]

Microgaming’s Jackpot Thermometer

One thing you will be looking for when you choose to play slot games online is plenty of slots that are about to payout! That task of finding such a slot is not going to be easy at many casinos sites, as you are unlikely to know which slot games have recently paid out a […]

How to Configure Microgaming Designed Slots

If you like the look of any of the Microgaming designed slot games of which there are hundreds of different ones now available, then you may be wondering just what player adjustable option settings are available on these slots. You will in fact have plenty of ways of configuring Microgaming slots to enable you to […]

Microgaming Software Tabbed Browser Feature

Microgaming designed slot games, of which there are literally hundreds of different ones available online and dozens being accessible to mobile device users, come with lots of different option settings, and as such you are going to be able to configure the slots to play in a way you find attractive. However, when you choose […]