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Multi Stage Slot Game Bonus Rounds

You are always going to be looking for the most exciting slot games to play online, and also slots on which some fairly large amounts of cash can be won. With this in mind we would like you to consider playing some of the many video slot games which are available online in large numbers at Microgaming software powered casinos that offer a multi stage type of bonus game structure.

Whilst many video slots offer just one or possibly two different bonus games which you can trigger when playing them, some slots from Microgaming have a bonus game on which it is possible to progress through several different stages of the bonus round, and the most stages you manage to successfully make it through the more cash you stand to win from those bonus rounds.

There is a slight downside however to playing these types of slots and that is as you never know in advance just how far you will progressive through the bonus stages, you can often find that you will only make it through the first stage and as such only are awarded a modest amount of cash.

However, as there is always going to be the chance of progressing through each round if you are looking for some potentially high paying yet exciting slot games to play then all of those listed below are going to be worth playing.

What Microgaming Slots Have Multi Stage Bonus Games?

It is worth us pointing out that if you do decide you like the look of Microgaming designed slot games and are wishing to give some of them a try, you should aim to utilize their downloadable gaming platform that many casinos have available.

This is due to those casinos having a huge suite of slot games with new ones being added all the time. Below are several of their most popular video slot games all of which do indeed offer a multi stage bonus type feature game.

Hitman Slot – One slot game which has three different bonus games and one you may enjoy playing time and time again is the Microgaming designed Hitman slot. There is a basic pick to win bonus game which can be triggered and also a set of free spins can be awarded to you when playing this slot, but also a third multi stage bonus game can be awarded to you.

You will trigger that multi stage bonus game when three of the Laptop scatter symbols spin in on reels three, four and five all in the same base game spin. That bonus game will then see you picking a victim and a method for assassinating that victim from a range of option displayed on the bonus game screen.

Once the deadly dead has been achieved you will then be awarded an accumulative cash payout based on the decisions you made during that bonus game, and in total a huge 270,000 coins could be won when playing off that multi stage bonus feature round on this slot game!

Moonshine Slot – There is a set of free spins to be won when you are playing Microgaming’s Moonshine slot, however to find out just how many of them you are going to play off, and the multiplier values attached to them a picking game needs to first be played off.

Once you have spun in at least three or more of the scatter symbols a number of free spins are then awarded to you with a multiplier value, and you get to pick off squares form the bonus game screen in the hope you then reveal additional multiplier values and also additional free spins.

However, if you reveal a start free spins message underneath any of the positions you do pick off then the picking game will instantly end and you then get to play off your accumulated free spins on the multiplier value you achieved.

Chain Mail Slot – The Chain Mail slot is going to award its bonus game when three bonus symbols spin in at the same time on the odd numbered reels. That onus game is a multi stage one and as such you will be aiming to work your way up the bonus screen grid like formation by revealing cash amounts and not a stop symbol.

As you successfully manage to work your way up that bonus game screen the cash awards you can reveal can become higher valued ones, and as such you will be hoping to make it right to the top of the grid for the best winning payouts possible offered during that bonus picking game!

Glory of Rome Slot – When three of the scatter symbols finally appear as you are playing the Glory of Rome slot game online, you are then going to initially be awarded with both a picking game, and a set number of free spins.

During the picking game which you play off first, you can then reveal as you picking off locations from the bonus screen either random amount of coins or additional free spins. Once the picking game has finished any additional free spins and your original set of them are then played off.

Golden Goose Slots – When you opt to play any of the Golden Goose series of slots all of which are reviewed on this website, by placing a small additional side bet wager alongside your base game stake you will have the chance of being randomly awarded with one of several different bonus games.

Some of those bonus games are pick to win bonus rounds, and those games can be multi stage games if for example one of them will see you picking off a playing card from the screen and once revealed a set of free spins will then be awarded to you which you then get to play off. So do look out for these slots when logged into a Microgaming powered casino site and make sure you turn on and activate the bonus bet to have the chance of randomly being awarded with those bonus rounds!