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Slot Game Bonus Symbols

As there may be a chance that you are going to be playing slot games for the very first time online, we have put together a very large range of slot game guides throughout this website. Please do take a look through as many of them as you can do, for you will find out everything there is to know about playing slots online when you do!

In this particular slot game guide we will be taking a look at bonus symbols, as many video slots and also a handful of three reel slots all come with some form of bonus game, which can often be triggered by spinning in a certain combination of bonus symbols, this guide will certainly allow you to locate a slot offering a bonus game feature you find appealing.

The bonus game you can trigger when playing slots online will vary, depending of course on just which slots you are playing. With that in mind below you will find the types of bonus games which can be triggered by spinning in bonus symbols on a plethora of different slot games online.

Scatter Symbols

Many slot games offering players the chance of triggering a set of free spins will award that particular bonus game feature round when you get at least three of the scatter symbols spinning into view on any base game spin played.

It does not matter how many paylines you have opted to activate when playing these types of slots offering scatter symbols in regards to your chances of triggering the bonus games, as even when playing one single payline on a multi line slot those scatter symbols are active and in play.

Be aware though that on some video slots the more scatter symbols that spin into view on any reel will often award you with a higher number of free spins however some slots will award the same number of free spins irrespective of whether you spin in three, four or five scatter symbols.

Bonus Symbols on Any Activated Payline

Some slot games are going to require you to form a line of bonus symbols from reel one onwards to be able to then play off a bonus game, however when playing these slots those symbols much spin in on an activated payline before the bonus game will be awarded to you.

That does of course mean that when playing these types of slots you are always going to have an increased chance of being awarded with a slot games bonus round when you activate all of the payline that slot has to offer. Playing fewer than the maximum number of pay lines when a slot games bonus game is triggered in this way will see you triggering the bonus game less times than maximum payline players.

Also be aware that when playing slots which have a pick to win or pick and match type of bonus game triggered by bonus symbols lining up from reel one onwards that the more bonus symbols that spin in to award the bonus feature, which is usually three or more of them, the bigger and better you winning payout could become when playing off that bonus feature round!

Bonus Symbols on Odd Numbered Reels

Some slot games will only have bonus symbols on the odd numbered reels, and as such when playing a video slot which has five video reels then you are going to have to get a bonus symbol spinning in on reels one, three and five in the same base game spin to trigger those bonus rounds.

On the vast majority of these types of slots it doesn’t usually matter where the bonus symbols spin in on those three reels, as long as at least one bonus symbols appears anywhere in view on those reels in one single base game spin then the bonus feature will be coming your way.

This therefore means that as those bonus symbols act more like scatter symbols then you will have as much chance of spinning in the bonus game triggering permutation of bonus symbols when playing any number of pay lines, so these may be ideal slot games to play if you are playing with a small bankroll but still want a fair chance of triggering the bonus games.

The bonus games which can be awarded on these types of slot games can be varied so always do checkout the pay table or game help files before you start to play them to ensure you know just what bonus games can be triggered when playing this type of bonus game awarding video slot.

First and Last Reel Bonus Symbols

One final set of bonus symbols that are found on a lot of Microgaming slot games are only to be found on the first and last reels. Take for example the Sneaky Peek series of slots, they are three slots which make up this series and they have a bonus symbol on reel number one.

For you to trigger one of several picking game you then, once a bonus symbols spin in on one of the three visible reel positions on reel number one, have to line up on the same reel position on reel number five one of the character symbols.

There are numerous other slots from all slot game designers which offer a bonus game which will only ever be triggered when a bonus symbols spin in on any positions on both the first and last reels. These slots will award their respective bonus games more often that for example those Sneaky Peek slot games as it doesn’t matter on which reel positions the bonus symbols spin in on those two reels.

Have a good look through our hundreds of slot game reviews for we just know when you do you are going to find more than enough slot games offering a plethora of unique bonus games all of which are triggered and awarded to you by spinning in a set of bonus symbols.