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Randomly Awarded Bonus Games

Triggering any slot games bonus feature round is going to always give you something of an additional and exciting aspect to playing a slot, as you will often find those bonus games can be high paying ones.

However, with most slot games requiring players to spin in a certain number of scatter symbols or to line up a set of bonus symbols it can often take a player ages to finally spin in the required combination of those reel symbols and then get to play off the bonus game!

In fact the number of near misses you will experience in regards to spinning in one symbol less than the required number of bonus or scatter symbols needed to trigger a bonus game can often drive a player to distraction,  and can often cause a player to get annoyed at playing some slot games!

Should you be tiring of playing slots offering bonus games on which a set of bonus or scatter symbols need to spin in before you then get to play off the bonus game attached to those slots, then keep on reading for in this Microgaming slot playing guide we are going to enlighten you all about randomly awarded bonus games.

When playing slots which boast a randomly awarded bonus game then every single base game spin you send into play will give you the chance of triggering those bonus games either before the reels all come to a stop, or when all of them have finally spun and then stopped.

With that in mind if you do fancy playing some of the more advanced online slot games which offer at least one randomly awarded bonus game, then keep on reading for we are convinced you will like some of the unique type of bonus games that we are about to introduce you to.

Immortal Romance – The first slot which you may be interested in playing on which a potentially huge paying bonus game can be awarded to you is Microgaming’s Immortal Romance slot game. This is one of their 243 ways to win slot games and as soon as you send the reels spinning by clicking on the spin button the Wild Desire bonus game could be awarded to you.

What will then happen when that bonus game is awarded is that from one to five of the slot games video reels will be filled with wild symbols, the aim of that bonus game is for you to ideally get all five of the reels turning into wild reels, as when that happens you ill then win 243 jackpot payouts!

Just be aware that you could play off a huge number of base game spins and never be awarded with the Wild Desire feature and when it does finally trigger you may only get one or two reels turning wild, and depending on which of the reels turn wild you could only see a small number of winning combinations forming or no winning combinations being formed!

However, this slot game does offer a set of free spins when you spin in three of its scatter symbols and that bonus game does tend to be awarded more than the randomly awarded Wild Desire feature. In fact the ore times that you trigger the bonus game feature the more options will become available to you as to how many free spins you play off and what additional bonus features can and will come into pay as the free spins are all playing off.

Golden Goose Slot Series – Whilst it is true to say that you are going to be able to trigger a set of different bonus ages when playing any of the series of Gold Goose slot game of which there are four slots that make up this series, you will only randomly be awarded then if you have chosen to place the bonus bet!

The bonus games on offer vary as there are quite a number of them that can be triggered and they include a random amount of cash being awarded to you, a pick to win based set of games which can awarded either a cash payout or a set of free spins, but make sure that you have placed the bonus bet as without doing so no bonus game can never be awarded to you when playing any of these slot games online!

Thunderstruck II Slot – The Thunderstruck II slot game is another slot on which a randomly awarded bonus game can be awarded to you. This slot is very similar in its design to the Immortal Romance slot game mentioned above, and as such you will find a wild reel based bonus game can be awarded to you when playing at on which one to five of the reels will turn into wild reels.

As this slot game is also a 243 ways to win slot game that will mean you need to wager a set number of coins to have that playing structure in play, and as such you should try and ivied up your slot playing bankroll in such a way that you will be able to play offer a couple of hundred base game spins with your available bankroll.

By playing this slot for relatively low stakes but in such a way that you are assured of getting lots of base game spins on that slot playing session, you will always have a fair and reasonable chance of being awarded with either the set of free spins on offer when you spin into view three or more of the scatter symbols.

Plus by playing this slot in that way you will also get a much increased chance of being awarded with the wild reel bonus feature, which one this slot game is known as the Wild Strom bonus round. You can always sample any of the above slot games out for free if you wish to experience the way in which the slots play and pay to allow you to judge for yourself as to whether they are going to give you the type of slot playing experience you are looking to play at a later date for real money!