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Microgaming Downloadable Gaming Platform

When you choose to play slot games online you will have plenty of choice in regards to which slot game you can access and play and just how you will be accessing those games. There are a very large range of different gaming platforms which have been supplied by many different software companies, and as you would expect each gaming platform have their own unique features.

The Microgaming downloadable gaming platform was launched in the year 1994, and since then it has become one of those most utilized gaming platforms on which millions of casino game players have tried at one of the many casino sites that have it available.

However, in the twenty years plus that this downloadable gaming platform has been available, it has gone through many changes and revamps and now it does have to be said the Microgaming downloadable gaming platform is one of the most advanced ones around.

In this slot playing guide we are going to highlight to you each of the many unique aspects of this downloadable gaming platform, which if you haven’t utilized it before to play slots and other casino games,  should allow you to make an informed decision as to whether it will be a gaming platform you will enjoy using.

Features of the Microgaming Downloadable Gaming Platform

So let us now highlight and give you an overview of all of the many different aspects that makes using Microgaming’s fully downloadable gaming platform enjoyable to use and attractive to many online casino game players.

Huge Suite of Games – The gaming platform on offer at Microgaming powered casinos is going to give you the biggest range of different games that out can access and play. If you love playing slots then we can guarantee that no matter what type of slot game you always tend to play you will find plenty of them that will appeal to you.

However, always be prepared to try out a range of slot games that you may never have played before, if you for example like playing three reel slots due to their basic playing structure, then please do checkout some of the 5 and 9 payline video slot games from Microgaming, as not all of them have bonus games and bonus features which may have put you off playing them before!

New Games Regularly Launched – You will also find that each month Microgaming will upload and make available on their downloadable gaming platform two, three or sometime more brand new and never seen before slot games.

This means if you are the type of player who always enjoys testing out and play the very latest slots offering all manner of brand new playing features and playing structures, you will never go short of slot games to play at a Microgaming powered site.

Tabbed Browser – When you play at a land based casino site it is always going to be possible for you o play more than one slot game at a time, however that is now something that you are also going to be able to do when you choose to play at one of the many online casinos that have the Microgaming downloadable gaming platform on offer.

There is a Tabbed Browser facility on those downloadable gaming platform from Microgaming and as such you can open up several slot games all at the same time and play them all at the same time, either manually or via the auto play setting options.

Auto Play Option – The auto play setting is a great way for you to sit back and have a very relaxed type of slot playing session when logged into any Microgaming powered casino set, for you can configure every single slot game available to play them by making use of the auto play setting.

Please do have a look around our range of Microgaming slot game playing guides for one of them is dedicated to introducing to you the auto play option setting and that guide will let you know just how many different ways there are to configure the auto plays settings.

Configurable Play Options – Probably the most advantageous aspect to playing Microgaming designed games via their downloadable gaming platform is that you are always going to be in control of every aspect of playing those slots, whilst you cannot obviously make them payout you can configure the way the slots all play.

At the foot of each slot game and any other casino game Microgaming powered casinos have on offer you will find an option settings tab and by clicking on that tab you will find a plethora of different ways each of their slot games can be configured, and some of those settings include a Quick Spin settings to speed up the rate at which the slot game spin and stop, plus plenty of audio settings and screen size settings are available.

High Paying Slot Games – You will not want to play low paying slot games when playing at an online casino site and as such one additional benefit that will be coming your way when playing at Microgaming powered casino sites, is that each of the payout percentages their slot games play out to are certified and published.

This does of course mean that you are going to be able to pick out and play the slots offering the very highest payout percentages, and by sticking to playing those slots you will get some much longer slot playing session and will have an increased chance of winning.

In fact on all of our hundreds of individual Microgaming slot game reviews you will find the certified and published payout percentage of those slots and as such please do check through those reviews as Microgaming have designed plenty of slot games with very generous and high payout percentages often in excess of 97%, and those should be the slot machines you are seeking out to play!