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Auto Play Slot Game Option Settings

Part of the thrill and excitement of playing any slot game online is clicking on the spin button to send the reels spinning then watching as each of the slot games reels you are playing then slowly come to a stop. Depending on which type of slot you are playing you could simply spin in a winning combination or could trigger, on some of the video slot games, one of many different bonus features.

However, if you play Microgaming designed slots online then you are going to find that each of them come with a set of option settings that will allow you to completely configure the slot to play in a way you find appealing. One of those option settings is an auto play option on which you can set the slot game to play automatically without any ongoing input from yourself.

Below we have a completely over view of all of the different ways that you are going to be able to configure the auto play option settings on any Microgaming slot. Please spend a few minutes looking through this particular slot playing guide for there will always come a time when an online slot player will want to sit back and simply watch a slot game playing itself automatically, without a player having to continually click on the spin button to send the reels spinning!

Microgaming Slots Auto Play Settings

The auto play option settings that are available to you when playing Microgaming designed slots can be accessed by you clicking on the Expert button which is usually located at the bottom of the slot game screen. As soon as you click on that button you will then be offered all of the following ways of configuring the auto play setting.

Number of Spins – One important auto play setting you will come across on all Microgaming slot games when you click on the Expert button to configure the auto play settings is the number of spins you wish to play off option. You will find that you can send into play as many base game spins as you wish to be played off automatically when utilizing the auto play option setting.

Do be aware however that there are often some licensing requirements in different countries that could affect the number of spins you can play off when using the auto play option. Take for example the UK the UK Gambling Commission have dictated that players accessing online slot games will only be able to play off a maximum of 25 spins via the auto play at a time. So if you are a UK player that is why you will never be able to play of more than 25 spins at a time!

Stop on a Jackpot –You will also be given the option to make the auto play setting stop whenever a jackpot has been spin in on any of your activated pay lines. This is often an option setting most players will activate as they will never want to miss out on seeing a jackpot paying reel combination when it has been spun in!

Increase and Decrease of Coins – You will also be able to additional configure the auto play option to stop automatically either when the number of coins or credits have increased in value by a certain number of coins or when your casino account balance has decreased by a certain number of coins or credits when the auto play option is in play.

If you do send the slot into play and want to have the peace of mind of knowing if you have a series of high paying winning spins that your now increased account balance is not going to be eaten away by a series of losing spins when the auto play option is in play then make sure you activate this setting and choose a reasonable amount of coins to input in regards to when the auto play option setting will turn off should you balance increase by that amount of coins.

Stop on Bonus Feature – Should you be playing a slot game on which a bonus game or set of different bonus games can be awarded to you, and you wish to the auto play option setting to cut off and sop when one of the bonus games has been triggered then make sure you utilize the stop on bonus feature setting.

As a bonus game is usually one of the more exciting aspects of playing video slots by making use of this option setting should you walk off and do something else as each spin is being played off automatically via the auto play setting then by utilizing this option when you return to your computer if a bonus game has been awarded to you it will be waiting to be played off which that setting switched on!

Using Bonus Credits and the Auto Play Option

Please be aware that when you play at some online casino sites and wish to use the auto play setting some sites has chosen to restrict players who have claimed a bonus at their casino sites to only be able to play their range of casino games manually.

This means that using the auto play option is not going to be permitted at those casino sites with such a rule in place when you have any bonus credits in your casino account. If you are found to have used the auto play settings when playing with bonus credits those sites will then void any winnings achieved with that bonus play!

With that in mind please do read through any terms and conditions found on the website of any casino that is offering you a bonus that you are interested in making use of, for this rather strange bonus play rule is one that could affect you if you use the auto play setting with any type of bonus credits in your account, and you will never wan t your winnings to be voided!