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Microgaming Software Tabbed Browser Feature

Microgaming designed slot games, of which there are literally hundreds of different ones available online and dozens being accessible to mobile device users, come with lots of different option settings, and as such you are going to be able to configure the slots to play in a way you find attractive.

However, when you choose to play the downloadable suite of Microgaming designed slot games which many online casino sites have available, then you are going to come across a range of player option settings which are not available on the mobile or instant play gaming platforms.

One of these option settings is the Tabbed Browser Option, when you log into any downloadable Microgaming powered casino site you will be able to open up and play any slot or casino game on offer, however you will also be able to then open up additional casino games should you wish to play more than one of them.

At the top of the slot game screen you will be able to click a tab alongside the slot window you have open and by doing so you can then open up additional slot or casino games. Not only are you going to be able to open up more than one game at a time but you are also going to be able to drag the game windows around your computer screen.

By opting to move the slot or casino game windows around your computer screen then it will be possible to clearly see each game and play each one of the simultaneously. However, one additional feature option to you when playing at Microgaming powered sites that can be used in conjunction with the tabbed browser is the auto play setting.

By opening up several slot games in different windows and then moving them around your computer screen and then setting each slot to play via the auto play option, you can then sit back and clearly watch each game playing automatically.

What are the Benefits of the Tabbed Browser?

The most obvious benefit of using the Tabbed Browser is that you are going to be able to open up and play several different slot games all at the same time. This is a great way of getting the maximum chance of winning when you only have a small limited amount of spare time to play casino game online.

However, it is worth noting that when you do play more than one casino game at a time using the Tabbed Browser you will of course run the risk of losing much more quickly then you may have done when playing just one single game!

However, if you have for example taken use of and have claimed a high valued casino bonus at any online casino site using the Microgaming downloadable gaming platform and as part of the terms and conditions you have a high play through requirements then by you making use of the Tabbed Browser option you will then be able to work your way through the play through requirements of that bonus much faster than you ever would when playing one single slot at a time.

But do make sure that when you claim any casino bonus the rules of that bonus do allow you to make use of the Tabbed Browser feature and also whether that bonus can be used when you are using the Auto Play option also.

For when you do use the Tabbed Browser you are going to be getting the best playing experience by also using the auto play option to set each game playing continually automatically. As if you play each game manually then that will be quite tiresome task and time consuming as you will have to click on the spin button of each slot game to play off a single spin of their reels, whilst setting the auto play then the games will all play themselves without you having to click on the spin buttons of each open slot game you have manually!

Alternatives to the Tabbed Browser

If you do not fancy using the Tabbed Browser or you are logged into a Microgaming powered casino site but via their instant play, no download gaming platform, but you are looking to play more than one slot game at a time, then there are a range of slot you may be interested in playing.

These are Microgaming’s Mega Spin series of slots on which a multi slot game playing structure has been designed. Take for example the Mega Spin Fantastic 7’s slot game, when you are playing this slot you have the chance of playing four, six or nine Fantastic 7’s slot game all in one game window.

You will of course be able to adjust the coins and stake values you play for so when playing 9 of these slots all at the same time you will never have to play for very high stake amounts, but when you do want to play off a large number of slot spins but not be forced to use Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform then any of the Mega Spin series of slots games will be ideal ones to play.

You will find several of these slot games on offer and a couple of additional ones which you should enjoy playing is the High Five Mega Spin slot which comes with a very high variance playing structure, or the low to medium variance Double Magic Mega Spin slot will be a great one to play.

Do feel free to give any of these Mega Spin series of slot game some play time at any Microgaming powered casino sites as you will of course be given the option to testing any or all of them out in a no irks free play environment, or you will be able to play any of them at any time for real money if you prefer to do so straight away and often with a bonus being credited to you if you are a first time deposit player at any online casino site.