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Microgaming’s Jackpot Thermometer

One thing you will be looking for when you choose to play slot games online is plenty of slots that are about to payout! That task of finding such a slot is not going to be easy at many casinos sites, as you are unlikely to know which slot games have recently paid out a lot and which slots haven’t paid anything out anything of significance recently.

Unlike when you play slots in a land based casino, it is not possible to cruise around the gaming floor making a note of which slots are being fed with cash by players, but are not paying anything out. Plus when you play slots online you will never know when a slot has paid out its jackpot payout, unless that slot is a progressive slot in which case its jackpot will have been reset to its seed value.

However, when you choose to play at any Microgaming software powered casino site you are going to come across the Jackpot Thermometer. This is a small graph type animation located at the site of the slot game menu and by taking a look through the list of slots you will find the current temperature of each slot.

Once you do you will be able to clearly see just which slots have paid out recently and which slots haven’t paid their jackpot out recently, and as such you can then use the Jackpot Thermometer to help you decide which slots to play!

How is the Jackpot Thermometer Configured?

When you do take a close look at the Jackpot Thermometer you will notice it will be displaying a figure which can be as low as 80 or can be as high as 999. By looking at how high or low that figure is on each slot game you will discover whether each slot has paid out its jackpots recently, or whether any individual slot has not awarded its jackpots to players recently.

There is of course a special mathematical formula which is used to present the payout figures on the Jackpot Thermometer. The base line figure is 80 and then added to that figure is the last time the jackpot was won and the average amount of time the jackpot was paid out multiplied by 100.

That may slightly confuse the non-mathematically minded slot players out there, however the basic rule is that the higher the figure displayed on the Jackpot Thermometer the more likely the jackpot is going to be paid out on that slot game as it hasn’t paid out recently.

However if the figure is a low one then that slot game has paid out its jackpot recently and therefore in theory is least likely to award a high valued jackpot payout due to the fact that it has already, very recently awarded its jackpots to one or more players.

How to Use the Jackpot Thermometer

If you are the type of slot player who is a believer that any slot game is only going to pay out once it has taken a certain amount of cash off a player or number of players then you will be looking for slots which haven’t paid out recently, and as such you should use the Jackpot Thermometer to select slots which have a high valued displayed on the Jackpot Thermometer.

However, if you prefer playing slot games which are paying out quite well then look to play those slots which have the lowest number displayed on them as they are currently paying out. Whilst each slot game you do come across in a Microgaming software powered casino site is of course random and they can payout at any time, this may be a handy tool for you to consider using when playing at such a site.

One way that you may consider utilizing the Jackpot Thermometer is to make use of it when you have claimed one of the high valued deposit match type bonuses that many casino sites give away. The reason for us saying this is that you will then have, once you claim those bonuses, a much larger amount of credits in your casino account.

As you are going to have to reach the play through requirements attached to any casino bonus offer before you can cash out any winnings achieved with those bonus credits then you may find that is possible if you play a slot on which its jackpots are overdue with your newly enhanced and boosted bankroll.

As by winning a jackpot you are then more likely to have enough cash in your casino account to churn through the play through requirements and then have an amount of cash left in your casino account once the play through requirements have been achieved.

Which Slots Award Their Jackpots Regularly?

If you are intending to make use of the Jackpot Thermometer then you are probably wondering just which slot games have been designed to payout and awarded their jackpots regularly, as by knowing which slot they are you can then track some of them down and find out which slots are overdue paying out those regularly won jackpots and as such you will have a much greater chance of winning one of them when the Jackpot Thermometer is displayed a high number on them.

It is the Low Variance slot games which will award their jackpots much more regularly that other slot games. So look out for slots on which the jackpot is a low valued one as those are usually the lowest variance slots found in Microgaming powered casinos, a couple of them that are low variance slots which you may be interested in playing is the 9 reel Big Top slot or if you are looking for a three reel slot game to play then one which does boast a low variance playing structure is the Sultan’s Sevens slot game.

You can always test out any Microgaming slot game for free to get a good understanding for the way those slots play and operate and to get to grips with using the Jackpot Thermometer!