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How to Configure Microgaming Designed Slots

If you like the look of any of the Microgaming designed slot games of which there are hundreds of different ones now available, then you may be wondering just what player adjustable option settings are available on these slots. You will in fact have plenty of ways of configuring Microgaming slots to enable you to have you own fully tailored slot playing session.

With this in mind we have put together this slot playing guide to enable players who have not yet utilized and played the many different type of slot games from Microgaming, to be able to see just how configurable their range of slot games are.

So please do keep on reading for we are convinced that by playing Microgaming slots you will find each of the following option settings attached to every single one of their slot games appealing. By playing Microgaming designed slot machines online you will be guaranteed to not only finding plenty of high paying slots but slots which offer you the type of playing structure and format you look for and enjoy playing!

Tailor Your One Slot Playing Sessions Online

So, apart from simply clicking on the spin button to send the reels spinning on any Microgaming designed slot game, let us now guide you through each of the individual options available to you when you choose to make use of the option settings on their range of slot games.

At the foot of each slot you will find the option settings tab, and it is that button you are going to have to click to be able to tailor your own unique slot playing session.

There is something known as the Quick Spin option setting and when you activate that then the slot game will play in the fastest possible way. You will find many of the slots reel symbols animations are turned off when that option setting is activated and the reels spin and then stop much faster than usual. This option setting is of course handy should you only have a limited amount of time to play their range of slots, as you can play off a large number of slot spins in the shortest space of time.

You are also going to have a range of options in regards to the audio settings when playing any Microgaming slot. You can turn off or turn on the background noise which is playing out when you play their slots and will also be able to turn on or off the win sounds. You can of course mute every single sound effect should you wish.

The screen size settings are also configurable and as such if you want to play in the full screen size for maximum playing pleasure then that is an option or you can also reduce the size of the slot game windows should you also be doing something else online when playing Microgaming slots.

There is also something known as a Tabbed Browser option available to you if you choose to play at a downloadable Microgaming powered casino site, and that is going to enable you to open up and play more than one slot game at a time and play them all off at the same time in different slot game windows, which you can drag around your computer screen.

Utilizing Microgaming’s Auto Play Settings

If you would prefer not to have to click the slot games spin button when playing Microgaming slots then make sure that you click on the Expert button located at the foot of each of their slot games. For by doing so you are ten going to be able to configure and set their slots to play each spin automatically for you, but in a way you wish them to be played out.

You will be able to pick and choose the number of paylines you have in play when using the auto play option setting and also the coin values and number of coins on play per payline. Plus you will of course be able to pick just how many spins the slot is going to play off for you via the auto play settings.

In fact we have dedicated one of our playing guides to introducing to you all of the many different auto play option settings available on all Microgaming slots, so do please check it out as you may find it an option setting you will wish to make use of when playing Microgaming slot games online.

Using and Claiming Bonuses

One final aspect to you choosing to play Microgaming slot games online that may be of interest to you, is that all casinos using Microgaming’s many different gaming platforms are always going to have some form of player promotion up and running.

If you have never played at such a site before and are a slot player then make sure you take a look at the promotions pages at each Microgaming powered casino site showcased to you on our website, for each of them are going to offer you a new player sign up bonus or a series of new player promotional offers.

In fact plenty of ongoing promotional offers are available at such sites and you will also find that when you play at any casino site offering Microgaming’s range of slot games as a real money player your gaming action is going to see you being credited with comp points, based on how much you wager when playing their slots.

Those comp points can then be redeemed and exchanged for additional slot playing credits, and depending on which casino site you play at the redemption rates and also the number of points you will earn will vary and some site do offer their players additional enhanced comp point promotions to enable you to lock in lots of additional playing value.

As you can of course play Microgaming slot games for free, with the exception of their progressive jackpot paying slots, then why not try a few of the out for free and play around with the options settings!