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Instant Play Microgaming Software Platform

When you choose to play Microgaming designed online casino games, you are going to have a number of different options available to you in regards to how you can access and then play those games.

Microgaming have a downloadable gaming platform a couple of different mobile gaming platforms which can be accessed on any type of mobile device, or if you wish to play casino games form within a web browser you will be able to make use of their no download instant play gaming platform.

It is worth us pointing out that you are going to be able to access the instant play gaming platform from any casino that has it on offer by either accessing their websites with a web browser on either a laptop, computer or any mobile decide which has a web browser built into it.

The number of casino games you can access via the Microgaming instant play gaming platform is huge and as such you are always going to have plenty of choice in regards to the games you can access and play. However, you will of course have just as many stake and wagering options as you would when accessing and playing Microgaming designed casino games via any of their other gaming platforms when you access their instant play gaming platform.

The main advantage of using a no download required, web browser based gaming platform is that you can play those games instantly and on any type of computer or mobile device without you ever being forced to wait until an entire suite of different casino games download onto your computer or mobile device.

Some downloadable gaming platforms, more so the one available from Microgaming have hundreds and hundreds of different games and that does of course mean their gaming platform is very bulky and as such if you do decide to utilize their downloadable gaming platform whilst you will then have access to over 800 different casino games, it will take some time to download them all, unless you have a very fast internet connection!

However, by accessing the Microgaming instant play gaming platform you can pick and choose just which games to play and will be able to get stuck into playing them in seconds, and they are of course available as both free play games and real money games so you can play in a no risk free play gaming environment if you so desire when accessing their instant play gaming platform!

What Instant Play Slots are Available?

Whilst admittedly you are going to find a slightly lower number of casino games on offer via Microgaming’s instant play gaming platform as opposed to you accessing their suite of games via their downloadable gaming platform you are going to have access to more than enough slot games, in fact several hundred of them will be available to you.

You can play all of them for free or of real money however the progressive slot games are only available via a real money log in. Below is an overview of the different types and category of instant play slot games which you will be able to play.

Classic Slots – Three reel slots on which just one payline can be put into play and slots with no bonus games that can be triggered and awarded to you are known as Classic Slots and there are dozens of them available via the instant play Microgaming gaming platforms.

3 Reel Slots – There are also plenty of other types of three reel slots on which you can play more than one payline per spin and some of the three reels slots on offer from Microgaming also come with some form of bonus game which can be triggered when you play them.

Basic Video Slots – You will also find lots of video slot games on which you will find five reels and plenty of pay lines however the basic video slots which can be found on Microgaming’s instant play gaming platforms come with no distracting bonus games or bonus features. These slots are therefore very fast paying slots but slots on which you will find attached some very high payout percentages, so you will always have plenty of winning opportunities when you send their five video reels spinning!

Bonus Game Video Slots – If you want to play  slot game via Microgaming’s instant play gaming platform but are seeking slots on which all manner of different playing structures can be found, and slots on which lots of different bonus games and bonus features are available, then do checkout the range of video slots. You can trigger sets of free spins, pick and win bonus games and can find slots on which thousands of paylines can be put into play, so have a good look through our in-depth Microgaming slot game reviews as there will be plenty of slots you will want to play when you do so!

Progressive Slots – As mentioned above you will be able to play plenty of progressive slot games when logged into any casino site using the instant play gaming platform from Microgaming but they can only be accessed and played for real money due to the live and constantly growing jackpots they have on offer and attached to them.

You will find the instant play progressive slots come with three reel playing structure and also video slot game structures and as such you will be guaranteed of find plenty of them you do find appealing and with some mega sized jackpots on offer!

Fruit Machines – If you are a UK based slot player and you love playing the Fruit Machine games found in pubs and clubs all over Great Britain then Microgaming do have them available in their instant play gaming platform. The Pub Fruity game is a great one to play and does with lots of built in bonus features and bonus games just like those land based Fruit Machines you can play, and as such do give it some play time as it is a great one to play for an action packed type of slot playing experience!