• 1x2Gaming Slots

1x2Gaming Slots

1x2Gaming is not one of the iGaming industry giants – in fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that most online casino enthusiasts aren’t actually familiar with 1×2’s products. This Brighton-based company started out as a developer of virtual sports games that allow online casino customers to wager on the outcome of virtual football matches and other sporting events with fixed odds.

After their first instant-win games proved to be rather successful, the guys and gals at 1×2 decided that it’s time to take the next step and started producing online slot games. While the number of slots produced by 1×2 so far isn’t all that impressive, there’s no denying the fact that most of them are fairly entertaining to play.

1x2Gaming Online and Land-based Slots

None of the 1×2 virtual sports and instant-win casino games have been designed with land-based casinos in mind, so it should come as no surprise that the slots produced by this company are also available exclusively online. 1x2Gaming specializes in making 5 reel video slot machines.

It’s worth pointing out that since 1×2 is a Europe-based company, none of their games are available to American customers. If you’re looking for 1×2 slots or 1×2 virtual sports games, your best bet would be to stick to Europe-facing sites. Most 1x2Gaming slots are 100% browser-based, which makes the compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Windows PC and Mac.

1x2Gaming Slot Game Reviews

1x2Gaming slots aren’t very impressive from a technical standpoint, which is somewhat natural for a company that doesn’t have the same budget as Playtech or Microgaming. The bonus rounds are usually simple and aren’t very innovative, so in most cases you’re going to get free spins or pick’em features rather than expanding wilds, break-out bonuses or mini-games designed with the particular slot machine in mind.

Despite the fact that 1×2 slots probably won’t inspire anyone with their special effects, it should be noted that the visuals tend to be fairly solid and HD-friendly. Furthermore, 1×2 games usually have a distinct, humorous style, which manages to set them apart from the titles produced by wealthier rivals.

This is also what makes the whole 1×2 slot machine experience worthwhile and memorable. All things considered, the biggest downside of 1×2 slots is the lack of massive jackpots – other than that, they’re pretty much solid, entertaining slots that simply don’t bother with trying to be innovative.

Reception by Players

As briefly touched on above, 1x2Gaming isn’t a major iGaming company, so the slots designed by them don’t really reach as many players as the games designed by the industry giants. However, it is worth pointing out that 1×2 has managed to secure several contracts with Europe-facing online casinos, so the number of people exposed 1×2 slots has been still increasing over the past few years.

It’s difficult to say how much traffic those slots actually generate for those sites, but there’s simply no denying the fact that they do appeal to the vast majority of casual slots enthusiasts and recreational players. According to 1×2 officials, the customers of the casinos that host 1×2 games have staked at least £800mn on all of 1×2 products ever since they became available to the general public.

Most Popular 1x2Gaming Slot Machines

While most 1×2 slots are simply average, there are quite a few titles that simply stand out. Piggy Bank is a great 5 reel slot with amusing graphics and an interesting cartoonish theme. Star Bars is an obvious Star Wars parody that tends to be very conscious about the movie it is based on.

The game has a rather neat pick’em bonus round, complete with not-Darth-Vader and not-Princess-Leia dancing in a flashy 80s style disco. Finally, the guys at 1×2 somehow managed to make their Ireland-themed slot machine look fresh despite using all the cliché lucky symbols, such as the Leprechaun, the gold pot or the 4-leaf clover. The game is actually genuinely funny and should appeal to anyone that doesn’t treat slots all that seriously.

Company History

1x2Gaming was formed in 2003 in Brighton, United Kingdom. The company has since then been based in a tech-park known a “silicon beach”. As briefly touched on above, the company was initially all about Flash and HTML5 virtual sports games, but it quickly expanded to other instant-win games. It didn’t take long for 1×2 to use this experience to make modern video slots, which led to a number of licensing deals with several quality Europe-facing casinos.

Outlook and Latest Developments

1×2 games are currently hosted by a number of major Europe-facing, United Kingdom-based casinos, including William Hill, bet365, Ladbrokes and bwin. Quite obviously, 1×2 slots and other casino games developed by this company aren’t going to replace Playtech or Microgaming products anytime soon, but the aforementioned licensing deals pretty much guarantee that the company is going to continue expanding and improving on the overall quality of its slots.